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Monday, November 17, 2008


Aw, I'm just kidding. But I got your attention, didn't I?

Just a few random thoughts for today...

First off, I just thought I'd share with you all that I'm a bit of an idiot. In a good way, I like to think. As some of you know, I leave for Cancun on Friday. I only JUST booked this trip and it hadn't really sunk in yet. Well, it sunk in today. In spades! My whole way home from work today, I just randomly screamed and giggled. It was weird.

Second, does anyone else's hand itch when they pass a fire alarm on the wall in a public place? I seriously have to put my hands in my pockets or hold them together. That's how desperately I want to pull one. I did once in junior high. It was the last week of school, and Sheri and I were determined to pull it. I don't think it was a "Hey, let's see if there are any cute firemen." kind of thing as opposed to "I wonder what would happen if...". Sheri was being very careful, and the pip-squeaks that were below us in school kept walking by. I got impatient and just reached past her and pulled it without thought to who was looking. We're the top of the school. Who's gonna nark? Turns out, a dumb-ass little grade 7 shit did. I spent the last week of school helping the janitor. Nice.

Third, you'll notice that until yesterday, Leon was no longer being mentioned on my blog. He felt he wasn't be portrayed in a very favourable light, and I got into trouble. But, let me tell you, when your life revolves around work (that you can't blog about), kids (well, you can only complain so much), soccer (see my sidebar where I said I suck? Very true) and spouse (he does some VERY bloggable stuff!) there isn't very much else to chat with you all about. So, I now am taking back my promise to myself to never mention him on here again, though from now on, we're going to call him George. I'm sneaky like that.


avtcoach said...

That a girl, all is fair game on your own blog. Can't wait to hear more about George!!

Betty said...

haha, can´t wait to hear what you have to say about George!!
I´m too chicken to gripe about my "George", just like I would be at pulling the fire alarm... :)

Betty said...

Oh, but I admire someone who does!!!

Mamahut said...

I get a lot of that from the men that I live with. "Your not gonna blog about that are you?" It's way to fun to stop, sheesh. I told hubby that I would certainly blog about gifts and favors that I recieved. I haven't gotten any yet btw!

I would be a giddy mess if I were running off to Mexico too! Don't over'll just need a swim suit :)

Candid Carrie said...

I'll miss Leon. May he rest in peace.

Long live George.

careysue said...

About the fire alarm paragraph...I do that with toasters...oh yeah, I always want to stick a knife in it while its on, don't ask me why.

When I'm making toast in the morning for the kiddos...I'm always teasing them and putting the knife right on top of the toaster, they're like NO MOM! Of course I wouldn't do it, but I know what you mean!!

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay...I am a little concerned about Carey Sue's comment I will be checking in on her!!
That is a little like saying while I am sitting in a bathtub...I have a desire to throw the hairdyer in the tub with me, right? Tee Hee!
I am too much of a chicken to ever pull a fire alarm...
So...the closest thing I could say is...I can't not pop the little plastic bubble from bubble wrap!!!
Sorry, best I have!
Love you...Do you just call Leon..George in the blog or are we calling him George in the bedroom in Cancun...too!
He will have to take props for the good and the bad!
The Hubby has complained as well...My bad!

Rhonda said...

OMG Careysue that is too funny! I've had the urge to do the same thing! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in need of some psychiatric care! lol

wy-not said...

I'm so glad to know my daughter is in good company. Yer all a bit crazy, in the best possible way. :-) As to George – well, he's a great guy and you know what they say about a rose. It smells as sweet by any name. Not that George smells sweet. Not that I've smelled him. Not that he smells bad either. Oh forget it. Bring on George.

Anonymous said...

So where did you get the name George?

Anonymous said...

So where did you get the name George?

Melissa Lee said...

I am not going to respond to the George thing. Or the the fire alarm thing. Nope.

I am however, gonna respond to you jetting off to the beach. Wait, nope. Not gonna respond to that, either.

Oh, and thanks for the meatball suggestion. You had me at "they are good in their own fat." (HA)

Love to you,
Melissa at Stretch Marks

Blog Stalker said...

Can't wait to hear more about George. lol

Have a great day!

angie said...

You're going to Cancun? I missed that announcement. Color me green. I look forward to hearing about George. :)

Anita J. said...

George. Fabulous! I can't answer number two because I can't get my psychologist friend to pick up the phone ;). Number one, WOW. My best high school friend just got back from Mexico and here you go...

Do me a favor? Dig your toes in the sand for me?

Have a great time!