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Monday, November 10, 2008

And One Time, At Band Camp...

I did promise some band camp stories, but truth be told, short of near death for some of the students, nothing major really happened (short of the usual boys sneaking into the girls dorms, panties found in the boys rooms, etc).  There was this one story told by one of the parents though....

She told us of one of the times, recently, when she was pulled over by the police.  She is a very animated person and naturally this story is much better in person than in writing, but I will do my best!

She had just put one of the reflector thingies on her license plate, and two days later noticed a police car behind her. So, she panicked and decided to try to lose the cop. She began to weave in and out of lanes, between cars. Because, of course, THAT wouldn't peak his interest at all, would it??  

She did this the whole way down one of our four lane busy roads, until she thought she lost him.  Then she turned down another road, and suddenly was stopped by a train!

The cop ended up right behind her.

He left her to sit and sweat it out the whole time the train was crossing.

Then they started up again and he let her go another 20 blocks, following her the entire time.

Finally, when she thought she was all clear, and they were just two merry people on their way somewhere, he turned on the lights and pulled her over.

He went to her window and asked her to please get out of the car.

He took her to the rear of the car and pointed at her license plate.  This was where the animation and drama began.

She put her hand on her hip, and in all innocence looked up at him and said, "Well, wow! You can't see my license plate at all!  That probably poses a huge problem for you, doesn't it??"

He assured her that yes, indeed, it did cause a problem. And that it was illegal.

She was shocked (not) to hear that it was,

and said that she was just so sick and tired of photo radar tickets, and that she is a single parent and starving student and just couldn't afford to pay any more of them!

(Yes I'm serious! She really did say this to him!)

He then said to her, "Well, have you ever thought of maybe, slowing down?"

Keep picturing her animation here, my friends! She says to him "Well, have YOU ever thought of raising the speed limits around here? I mean seriously, 50km? That's crazy!" 

When he stopped laughing, he told her that she had two options. She could remove the laminated plate cover right then and there, or else she could pay the $180 fine for having it on there and then he would take it off for her."

She chose to take it off, and he let her keep it.  And then she got back into her vehicle with her laughing children and drove away.


Ronda's Rants said...

Wow...a parent told this! Gee...she is lucky...I guess God is good like that...lucky or smart! She got luck and probably looks! :)

jill jill bo bill said...

That IS funny!!! even Coppers can have a sense of I have heard.

Betty said...

hahah! I have a friend like this. She was once stopped for speeding and told the cop that she had to "go pee", and that he should not keep her too long.... He laughed and let her go.

Mc Allen said...

what??? if that happend to me he would have surly given me the ticket!! she must have been a cutie, lol!! How did he know it had the reflector on it, I thought the spray was clear?! I hate it when they floow you for ever and then pull ya over... GRRR! LA

AVT Coach said...

I would not be so fortunate! Sorry I havent' been visiting in a while, have been on the tired side!
Funny post and I can imagine a funny person telling it!

angie said...

Hilarious. I would have loved to be there and see the cop actually laugh! :)

wy-not said...

What? Well, good for her!! Great story, too. I would not only get the ticket, but would likely be hauled off to jail and then the book thrown at me by the judge and then I'd be looking at hard time in a cell. Cops don't like fat girls. :-( Ooops. You must have intruded on my pity party. Sorry. :-)