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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stupid Girl - Part 1, Date 2

The letter to myself reminded me that I have a couple of stories I haven't shared with you.  I also haven't told you much about my darling frenchman, Leon.  Let's combine the two, shall we? And I'll tell you a story about Leon.  And me. And the second date.

By then end of this, you may think that Leon's a bit of an ass, or that I'm an idiot.  I'm fine with either one. Or both.

Picture this. 

My parents have not yet met my current beau. I'm 19. He's almost 27. (I totally had to throw that in there!) It was the pre-cell-phone-in-every-pocket era. No way to reach their beloved only daughter. Let's also be sure everyone knows that I went against everything I believed in and was on this second date with guy I met in a bar.

We climb into Leon's jeep. He starts to drive. He won't tell me where we're going.

He heads out of town.

I'm starting to get nervous. 

If you read yesterday's post, during the letter to myself, I mentioned that there were times when, even if I thought my life were at risk, I would not. do. anything. Nada. Nuthin'! I wouldn't want to humiliate myself, or worse yet, embarrass the person I was accusing, just in case I were wrong. I'm so not smart.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Ass was driving this poor scared girl out of town. Being very secretive.

He turns off the highway onto a dark narrow road. Do you see where this is going?

Good. So did I. I envisioned the whole terrible scene. My naked ravaged body (okay, so I threw that in for fun) would be found in three days, completely unrecognizable, because the animals had had my flesh for a snack. The birds had pecked out my eyes.

What? Too graphic? Sorry.

Back to the story.

My hands are clenched tightly in my lap. I continue to ask where we were going. He refuses to tell me.

This goes on. And on.

Finally he turns down the road that goes to the dump.

Okay. TOTALLY FREAKING OUT INSIDE!! Inside being the key word of course. Because I don't utter a peep. (I almost PEED, but you said you didn't want graphic, remember?)

All of a sudden, it happens.

A dirt road.

I'm almost in tears!

He kicks it into four wheel drive.

And we go four-wheelin' in the dark on hills that TOTALLY KICK BUTT!  

I had a great time.

But I'm still an idiot.

And he's still an ass. 

I'm just sayin'.

Addendum: I do have to tell you that I have told Leon what this date did my poor self.  He apologized sincerely, and says that looking back, he can see how I would have been terrified! And he agreed that I was an idiot. Albeit a polite one.


Melissa said...

That's a good one! I would have been totally scared too!!

Blog Stalker said...

I wonder how many today would still do the same thing. Just sit there quiet, not wanting to accuse or jump to any conclusions.

You're lucky!

But then again how many of us look back and can remember doing things or being in situations where we had no business to. A lot I think(totally cool line from Houseguest)

Great post

Melissa said...

Sorry about the mix up on Amelia Bedelia! The books are really funny! You should check on of them out sometime!! I found one that you can actually read online, I just googled the name.

Ronda's Rants said...

OMG! We share a name, only...if it had been me...Leon would have been toast. You described my worst nightmare and every time I went on a Dad warned me of that very thing happening...yeah I have issues. I would have totally freaked and there wouldn't have been another date, no marriage and no beautiful kids ...just a restraining order put out on me!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Oh! Man! I still remember a time when I was 17 in Argentina with an Italian on some windy mountainous road. I was thinking the same thing. Worse for me was I had sort of identification on myself. If he had let me off on the side of the road for people to find 3 days later, no one would have known who I was. My parents were in the states and I would have been one of those missing teens you hear about. I can't believe how invincible I thought I was and I how I will never let my boys go on a foreign exchange. See the logic in that! ;)

Have a great day, Rhonda. I always love when you stop by my blog :).

Heather said...

Four wheelin' in the dark. That's some good, red neck fun right there!!

wy-not said...

Gaah! You never told your mommy that hair-raising story. Glad you survived the night. Remind me to open up a belated can of whoop-ass all over Leon...

Melisa S. said...

Too funny! I would have been scared shitless myself!

Betty said...

LOL! You were (are?) nuts! Don´t tell your daughters you did this, ´cause they will so hold it in your face, once they commit some stupid act...

Betty said...

LOL! You were (are?) nuts! Don´t tell your daughters you did this, ´cause they will so hold it in your face, once they commit some stupid act...

Ronda's Rants said...

Oh...I just read oyur Mom's post and it made me want to cry! We can't bear our girls in trouble can we?
You are too funny BTW...Bonnie Hunt is the Mom In Cheaper by the Dozen 1&2. Also, the love interest in Jumanji. The sister in Jerry Mcguire! Really funny writer and actress!
My Hubby actually has a little bit of a crush! But who cares...I am getting out of the house!

Rhonda said...

Ronda: Yes, I should have gone postal on him, but my shy, gentle nature wouldn't allow it. (cough, giggle).

Blogstalker: I am confident that while we are growing up we have a guardian angel on our shoulder. I worked mine really hard, because I did a lot of really stupid things. I'm sure she got to retire after I was done with her.

Jyl: Yards have fences for a reason, to keep children in. Just like countries have borders. Let's all remember that.

Heather: What, exactly, are you saying? lol

Mom (aka Why-not): I have told you this story. You just continue to block it.

Betty: You sound like you are trying to say that my children have yet to do anything stupid. ROTFLOL!!!

Claremont First Ward said...

That's something I would have totally done. Makes me feel a little sick at the thought. I'm so glad that everything turned out well. Whew. And, it made a great story. I'm glad you shared it. :)

amelia bedelia said...

I just kept thinking he was taking you parking...that's where all my dates took me, you know parking at the romantic!

Unknown said...

that's just scary.
but you're ok...
life is good.

Aunt Julie said...

I'm gettin' scared just thinkin' about it!

Rhonda said...

Ohhh scary!!! Thank goodness it turned out OK. I felt that way a time or two when the dad of the kids I was babysitting would bring me home and not say much. I always would be worried they'd try to get me!