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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crapping Is So Cute

It's a dull life I lead when crapping is cute. 

No. Not so much the looks of the stuff. (Gag!)

It's when my little four year old says it. Or heck, even when she does it. 

Yes, I'm just THAT sick!

When you walk by the bathroom, and there she is stripped down to her nuthins, and her face is red and her little eyes are watering, and her tiny self looks like she's going to fall right in. 

Or when the bathroom light's on and you just aren't sure what she's up to in there, and you call out "What er'ya doin' in there, Liv?"

"I'm crapping!" she calls out in her wee squeaky little voice.

Or she starts dancing and you just know. "Liv?" 

"I have to go crap!"

Try as I might, she will not say poo. Or poop. Or number 2. It's crap. 

I have never in my life heard a little person say it, and I just giggle every time. 

She has been saying it for months now, so I suppose I should really be used to it. But it's just so wrong in a really stupidly funny sort of way.

You may as well know.  I'm the queen of over-sharing.

And I've done it again.



Evi said...

Oh deary...we need to have you all over to my house! Crap is tame!
Shit. That's what my 6 year old does!
(He's my potty mouth...)

Shan said...

Nice, sounds like something that would occur at my house too, LOL

Ronda's Rants said...

I am terrified that I am going to teach Carter bad words...I swear really bad and his Mom does not...I live in fear...that I will say something!! So good!
Crap would be fine ...if I said that but I am afraid I will say the F-Bomb or shi*
Nice grandmother ,huh?

Los said...

I have a friend who used to call her number 2's "Cute Things." Based on this, I think crap is a fine word all around. My parents came from Germany, so I had a German word I used "Wurstlecaca."

wy-not said...

Aww! I have never heard this. But I would like to. Call me sometime when Liv's going to have a BM, would you?

Rhonda said...

Oh, my kids know the swears! lol I taught them that early age.

It's just something about the word "crap". I don't know what it is. It just makes me laugh!

Betty said...

That´s probably why she says it...she sees you laugh and knows it´s cute. But I don´t see anything wrong with it.
And I too over share, I am told. So I guess whoever doesn´t want to know, should just read else where.

Tulsi said...

Wow. I wonder what people in the store would say. We had Potty. I'm not sure who started that. Once it is in their mind's stuck.

The wedding pic's you took are beautiful.

I love the song Thank You for Loving Me by Bon Jovi.

amelia bedelia said...

crap, that was cute!

Rhonda said...

it could be worse yes?
at our house...because it consists of the male gender the word for this activity is;
I gots to go take a dump.
and like you, it always makes me giggle a little and think where did I go wrong here? ;)

Mamahut said...

You need to get it on video. My youngest has a little video of him. He is still young enough it makes him laugh too...someday I WILL be punished!

Crap is a pretty funny word for such a little doll!


Ha! I'm sure that would make me laugh, too!