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Monday, August 11, 2008

I Guess It Had To Happen Eventually...

I photographed a wedding this weekend.  In my contract I allow for lab errors and equipment malfunction.  Thank God.  The pictures aren't horrible, but they certainly aren't GREAT.  

I have three flashes.  None of which would work. 

I have three sets of rechargeable batteries.  None of which worked.

I had to rely on my pop-up.  Which means I could not set my camera to the settings I have come to depend on.

I had to rely on my pop-up for the reception.  Those quick moments with tears or laughter or hugs.  The look passed between the new husband and wife.  Lost. Pop-ups just don't work like that.  They need time to do the disco ball thing. You know what I mean.  That annoying flashing that causes epileptics to go into full blown seizures right before your eyes.  

I had to rely on my pop-up for the dance.  The oh-so-dark dance.  More instantaneous moves and action galore.  

I. Missed. It. All.  Well, I shouldn't say ALL, necessarily, but the ones I got were blurry.  Ugh!

Take a look at a couple of okay ones, though.


Ronda's Rants said...

I feel stressed for you...But, the pictures you have are beautiful...somedays are just like that!

Amy said...

I think those are beautiful! :D

wy-not said...

Is it McBain's camera shop that should be blamed for your angst? Because if it is, I'd be down there this morning making sure they know about it. Anyway, these pix are amazing. I love especially the bride's eyes peaking over her bouquet. Lovely!