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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Li'l Ole Me

There once was a sad lonely writer,
Who kept her mood oh so much lighter,
By griping and venting
'Bout kids, jobs and tenting,
That her blog truly satisfied her.

But lately she's been doing more talking.
And feels that it's all for naught-ing.
She's learning blog-sass,
Comments with humour and class.
And still so few are stalking.

So how do they do it, these bloggers?
How do they become blogspot hot-doggers?
She wants blog friends
With comments to send,
But maybe she'll have to take up clogging.

She thinks you should read her post from July 11th.
Or a silly poem about her family on June 27th.
You can get to know her,
Through April 23rd's Meme.
And perhaps you'll come visit again.

I know. That was really, really bad. But seriously. To those who get a hundred or more coming to your blog, interested in what you have to say, how did you do it?


wy-not said...

Not that I would know anything about this, but I'd say you gotta keep on keeping on. Your stuff is as good as the rest of them and certainly better than most, so it's just a matter of perseverence. But again, I know nothing. So that's what my comment is worth. lol

O' CanaDad said...

That was fun!
No, Seriously, Weeee!

Check out Bradie's last post. There are a lot of great ideas there. We have just started blogging ourselves and have not taken the whole "get traffic to our blog thing" too seriously yet.

We are focusing on regular
updates to accumulate some content.
You know the whole if you build it they will come idea. While that's not true when it comes to blogging.

It should read more like: if you build it, go out and comment on other people's blogs, join networks like cre8buzz, engage the other members with compliments, write about and link to other bloggers, click on those links from your blog so they know you are sending them traffic, stumbleupon and digg all your posts, encourage family to do the same, Join Twitter and use it as a diary where you can add links to all your new posts, THEY WILL COME!


You are an awesome writer and I like reading your posts more than most of the others I stalk. We love your new pic by the way.

People always ask me how we make money with this blogging thing and the answer is simple. We don't. We make money from the quilting site, site design and all the recurring sales from the years I spent doing the Adult sites.

Think of blogging more as a tool to build relationships with people and become a trusted voice with influence on your readers. If anything blogging changes the way you look at life. It makes all our experiences richer and much more memorable.

Your blogging should also be an outlet to showcase your photography. Talk about your shoots, problems that arise, weddings in general. Start a page on squidoo about photography, about weddings, about cameras. Add your blog link to your profile page there.

I don't mean to overwhelm you here. just do one new thing everyday to promote your blog. It will only take a few minutes and will snowball out of control.

That's my two cents. I've still got 98 cents left though but thought this little novel was already long enough.

Unknown said...

and you know that there are lurkers out there right?...people who actually DO stop by they just don't know what to say in response. I lurk a lot.
nice new picture by the mama!
I really do need to get back to my blog, I just kind of have nothing to talk about these days...or too much...can't decide.

Heather said...

You have to comment like crazy. The more you comment, the more your blog gets "face time" and people start to get curious. Keep blogging. You're doing great!!