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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello again....

Hmmmm, it's been awhile I see. I haven't forgotten that people rely on and look forward to updates on my blog, I just have been so busy (well, not really) on Facebook (Oh yes, now you're understanding me, aren't you?) that the "life and times of Rhonda and family" have taken a backseat. In fact, laundry, dishes and family meals have also taken a back seat. To be honest, those fine things aren't even in the vehicle, let alone the back seat. If you happen to drop by unexpected (Lynne), you will likely be forced to wear a blindfold, or be asked to "excuse the mess". Then I will pretend to be not horrified and mortally embarrassed, all the while thinking about when I will get back to computer, because, I am expecting a poke, after all, and must be there to return it. Well, listen to me, sounding all important. I am actually not that addicted. In fact, I have been favouring the excitement of Club Pogo these days as my Facebook activity has been a little slow.

So now, not only do I sit on my rear all day at work (to the point where my hamstrings are completely non-exsistent - I know this, because I daily feel the pain of their demise) but I come home and almost physically remove whomever is at the computer only to sit on my ever-widening rear some more. I remember the days of dancing around my house with my kids, and not surprisingly, not having a weight problem then. Perhaps the two are connected?

Here I sit, once again, now at Alberta Hospital (I wouldn't want them to forget me here, you see). I suppose I should get to work. I just wanted to update everyone who reads this (all two of you) on the reasons for my neglect.

More later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice writing rhonda. sure is nice to get a glimpse at the quiet inner workings of the cogs of my sister's brain. funny how we grow so self-/life-absorbed that we don't even/can't even fathom the thoughts that run around in the heads of our own siblings.
Keep writing, it's nice to see that others in the family allow themselves to be publicly vulnerable as well.