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Monday, October 29, 2007

Evi's post that I just HAD to share!

trade you a smelly for a puffy, or a shiny...

those of you who spent anytime trading and collecting stickers on the playground in the late eighties will understand my title...we had our sticker books...filled with sparklies, smellies, minis...etc. What a blast we had. Collecting, having the chance to go to the mall and be the first to get some new fancy sticker, or trade with someone from another school who had a RARE smelly that no one in your school had.
Well, I now collect faces...on facebook, do you? Wanna trade? Just joking.
I have found all kinds of friends, ones that where harder to find than others and some where I was the first to find and could tell everyone 'look who I found'. Friends from all walks of life...childhood, family I haven't seen in years, high school, work, church, camp, different places we've lived etc.
Yet now...other than my regular facebook is shamefully already starting to collect dust, like my old sticker collection. It's funny really. My personal collection, which hovers at around 96 people, seems complete and thus doesn't have the same thrill for me as before. It's actually all a bit overwhelming, the thought of maintaining 96 relationships. I can't seem to break 100 and yet some people have 100's and they seem to be really busy ALL the time on facebook. When do they find the time?
I love my collection even though the 'smellies have been scratched (or 'poked') to death' and I've realized that maybe even some of the shineys are a little dull (I imagine I've lost my own 'smelly wonder' over the years too!)
I have many who are stuck to my heart. Ones I've received as gifts from God. I wouldn't 'trade' them for anything

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Rhonda!
I found it refreshing to be back on blogger! It is strange how this aspect of technology actually felt 'sentimental'...almost like getting back to good old letter writing in the snail mail days. I just feels more personal and expressive to me...I never was a 'pokey' kind of person.