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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Okay okay okay...!

Howdy y'all! I once again forgot, or didn't realize, that some people are actually interested in the goings on of the Lemoine family. Generally we are all well, and life feels as busy as ever!
Asia has been at YC weekend. She has been sacking out at the church right next to another girl who apparently snores. They have been busy, right from 9:00 to about midnight. They sleep a few hours and go hard again. She is going to be one miserable little girl for the next couple days I'm afeared! I was delighted to hear on that first night (she phones us when she gets back to the church at midnight) that her neck was sore from head banging and that she befriended an emo. From Asia's reaction, everyone in the whole world knows what an emo is except me. But JUST IN CASE I'm not alone in that, it is someone who hurts themself when depressed! Oh good. I'll be heading over to pick her up soon ... but not soon enough!
Cassie is lucky to be alive. She headed out for a walk with Olivia and was soon nowhere to be found. She went to 7-11 to buy my slush (which I won in a bet - haha - The things we teach our children!) and got in huge trouble! She is now sitting watching TV feeling like a victim in all this.
Liv is beside me playing potato head. We just went and met some neighbours. (They loved her) They had a for sale sign in their car window and I feel that we pay enough, so I would warn them about the tickets people are getting because it is apparently against city bylaw to park your vehicle advertised for sale in front of your own house. Ridiculous!
Leon is gone to bible study. He is feeling overwhelmed with all the work there is to do right now. Aaah, there is all summer for that. Just wait till he sees the list I've got for indoor work once the snow flies again! lol
As for me, I am doing well. My eyes have their good days and their bad days. We got to bed really late last night, so I can feel it in my eyes. I'm adjusting to my reflection in the mirror, slowly but surely.
I went for a visit with Tam this afternoon ... we had a very nice time and need to schedule more of those into our lives ... Easier said that done!
We watched the hockey game last night at Diniz and Lynne's house and drove Jasper Ave afterward. It was an awesome night! Not only the 'win' of course, but nice to just stop and visit with friends. Life gets so busy with work, and kids, and life, it's hard to remember to make time for the other things that matter.
Have a fabulous day!

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