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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hidden Treasure!

We were at Long Lake this weekend, which is one of Alberta's Provincial Parks. We went for a nature walk and on our way back I ventured off the path and into the bush. (Which is apparently a no-no, so don't tell....) Suddenly Cassie looks down and sees:

To which we say, "WTF?".

Cassie and Leon start pulling this container out of its hidey hole and open it up. (Picture re-enacted by Liv, who was not with us initially.)

Inside this container was a notebook and pen so that you could write a little something and date it. It went back to early summer 2008 and was written on by many.

There were little items in there. On the instructions, which was an actual website idea, you were to look at it and enjoy the find. If you wanted to take something out you were welcome to, but you had to put something in in its place. You notice Liv holding a silly little ball thingy. That was her donation and she took out a Little Pet Shop toy. There was everything from camp straps to tape to ear plugs to toys. There was even a love note to a long lost love, vowing to find each other again. It was so sweet!

This was easily one of my top 5 Long Lake moments in all the years we've been going there.

I'll finish with a photo of the young lady who first found the "Happy Place" container, and the girls and Ringo with it. I plan to print the group shot and put it in a ziplock baggie and put into the container.

Next to this, of course, would be the fact that I have caught more fish than Leon. I will enjoy this for now, because naturally it is just beginner's luck.



Kim said...

Ahh, treasure! What made her look down at that particular moment, I don't know if I'd have seen it.

It's a geocaching box - it's like scavenger hunting with a GPS.

There are about a million 'stash boxes' all over the world - how lucky for you!

A lot of it is done in urban areas. said...

Yep, I was coming to tell you it was a geo-cache too! My daughter loves to find them and trade out treasures! You can get coordinates at many sites but I love

Ronda's Rants said...

So cool and has given me the most excellent idea! Always love being here! Have a great time!

wy-not said...

So I always wondered why anybody would go geo-caching, but now I understand. Now that sounds like hi-tech treasure hunting. And how lucky that you chanced upon it. I love your idea of putting the photo back in there. Very very cool.

wy-not said...
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Jenna said...

Oh Geo-Caching!! I LOVE doing that! They are ALL OVER arkansas! You can find 20 just in a 3 mile radius around here!

Betty W said...

You know the best part about these pictures? That Asia is there with you. Does that mean you guys have "ironed" out your differences? I love the idea too, that you will put that picture in there. So exciting! :)

KK said...

That's really cool!

Anonymous said...

Geo-caching!!! We love, love, love it!!! There are lots and lots here in Alberta - you can spend all day finding these treasures and stay within an hour of home!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know Rhonda did not hold the title of top fisher person for long!!! Sorry Babe'

Evi said... just 'happened' upon a geocache box. We started geocaching just a little while go with an iphone app. It is so neat you just 'found' one!

Evi said...

LOL...look at that, now that I've read the comments...everyone knows it's a geocache box. Neat to see so many people doing this.