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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Real Reason I Don't Want To Be The Other Woman

I remember watching Disney movies and fairytales as a kid. I remember being sad that Bambi's mom died. Other than that, though, I don't recall being scared by the movies. Why is that?

Cindarella is orphaned and abused by her step-mother and step-sisters.
Snow White's step-mother tries to kill her.
Hansel and Gretal were "misplaced" by their father because of their step-mother.
Ariel and Jasmine don't even HAVE mothers, nor are they ever mentioned.
There was no mother figure in Pinocchio either.
Belle does not have a mother.
Nemo's mother is killed.
While it is sad, perhaps we should celebrate a dad getting knocked off in The Lion King?
Tarzan is orphaned AND his new dad hates him!

Why are we not haunted by these stories?

And why on earth would any woman want to be a step-mother? Holy cow, Disney has given "the other woman" a bad name!

We saw How To Train Your Dragon yesterday in a sneak preview. LOVED IT BTW!! However, Hiccup's mother, also, was nowhere to be found. BECAUSE SHE WAS DEAD!!!

Hey Disney..... Cut it out already! I'm an adult now and the thought of DYING and leaving my kids orphaned to some step-monster totally freaks me out!!


Controlling My Chaos said...

No kidding. That's the worst thing next to the thought of losing a child.

Kim said...

I AM the evil stepmother of three adult daughters...they all like me, so I'm obviously doing something wrong!

Since joining the family, they have been unfailingly kind and accepting to me and The Boy.

Lucky us!

Claire said...

It's bizarre, I love Disney films but it's only when you break it down like that it is apparent just how morbid the films actually are! I know very little about Walt Disney himself but I wonder what his relationship with his own mother was like?

william manson said...

lol great point now u list them like that hehe, surprised myself, lol have a great day xx

wy-not said...

I used to think that my kids would be better off with a step-mother. I SO didn't know what the heck I was doing. But y'all turned out to have no more scars than most of the rest of the population. So I guess it was okay. :-) Maybe Disney's method is to show kids that they should appreciate their parents, good step-parents or guardians, whatever they have, by showing them the "wicked" other side?

KK said...

Amen! Disney movies just depress me as an adult!

Ronda's Rants said...

I discovered this too...I have always wondered what had happened to Walt Disney as a child!

Anonymous said...

As a step-mother I actually had to thank disney once because the image they put out provided a nice moment for me. One night I was up with Little Sis who was sick and not having a good night as I took care of her she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said her friend was wrong - I asked what she meant and I guess her friend had told her Step-mother's were evil..... it made me smile.... I agree though disney and nursery rhymes are in general not the most pleasant!!!