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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Clues That Your Six Year Old May Be Watching Bad Shows On TV

The book Olivia wrote this week probably falls under the Parenting 101 category of my poll. Some of you had voted to hear about my failures to make you feel better about yourselves. This one is a doozy, I think, and it is what happens when your six year old just happens to sit quietly on the couch, not being noticed, while her teenage sisters pick the TV shows. Feel free to single click on the picture to see it in all it's horrifying truth, but then don't forget to back arrow to see the rest. (A new window will NOT pop up with the picture.)

Let me translate for you:

She titled it: Bad Kids

This page got cut off. It reads: Me and Danielle went to the park and then bad kids came. Then the bad kids almost got caught but then the bad kids caught me.

Danielle didn't get caught and then she got caught. Danielle was sad.

Then they picked us up. My mom saw us. She was sad.

Then they put us in the grave. Rhonda came to see Danielle's grave.

So, believe it or not, my problem is mostly with this ending. They "poot" these girls in a grave??? And I only came to see Danielle's??? WTF??

Is that possibly Freudian for "My Mom isn't home enough?" Does she think I don't care? Does she think I've forgotten her? Does she think that "Rhonda" would just be sad and not totally crushed beyond belief, and immediately beside her in that grave should anything happen to her?

And lastly, I wonder what the heck her teacher thought when she saw this! Bwahahahahaha! I think I should be expecting a children's services employee at my door very soon.



KK said...

LOL, can't wait to see what the social worker says :) Just kidding. But I bet the teacher was concerned! TV and the radio too. I catch my niece singing along to things that I would never want her to say on her own!

Kim said...

Maybe the TV viewing should be kid friendly until she goes to bed. Then the older kids can have the remote and watch all the shows about bad kids and adults.

And I bet if you take her to the park and have a good time, she'll write about that, too.

What IS she watching that she knows about being buried?

What a guilt-inducing little story!

wy-not said...

Yikes. My sweet little girl writes about being 'poot' in a grave? Maybe she's the next Steven(etta) Spielberg with an imagination like that. Or maybe, for her young age, she's been to too many funerals. Time for a bit of innocent Disney in our baby's life, methinks.

Rebecca said...

I'm sure it's not the first time the teacher has encountered something like that, nor the last!

Stopping by from SITS!

Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

Yeah, you wonder sometimes. I know I wondered when I got told at 2am that the mean cats were chasing the cute bunnies - like where do they come up with this stuff!?

:) Marcia

SJ said...

You know it's not just the TV shows, it's commercials too. I've had my daughter ask about those, like the KY ones. Not cool.

Sarah Bonn said...

Oh man! As a mom to a 6yo girl, I totally get that you NEVER know what they will say. Never know what they've picked up. Too funny!

Betty W said...

I´m so glad my girls are all grown up! This scares me.... :)

Lilly said...

Oh dear, TV has a lot to answer for. No I think it goes without saying you visited her grave but you went to her friends too lol! I would let her explain it to you though, she tells a good story, maybe she should be writing books already!!

KatBouska said...


Well at least there was no drug use involved!

Gotta look on the positive side.