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Monday, February 22, 2010

To Accept Your Apology Or Not To Accept Your Apology, That Is NOT The Question....

The question is "Why the fuck should you be apologizing to ME?" And every other freaking Joe Blow on the planet.

Do you need to make amends with your wife and children? Yes.

Your sponsors? Maybe.

But to me and the rest of the world? No.

Don't think for a minute that I haven't chuckled at some of the jokes going around.

And don't be so foolish as to think that I feel sorry for you. Or for any of your sluts.

You are an ass and a cheetah, yes.

But you are a man.

A mere man.

A pathetic little man with all the money in the world and female parts being waved around in your face.

Doing exactly what would be expected of any man in a situation where he thinks he is all powerful and the women are willing to compromise themselves does not make your situation newsworthy.

However, getting the shit kicked out of you by your tiny little pissed off wife? That's a good story. An inspiring story. Hhahahah!

But this clip? This is NOT something I'm proud that I have wasted five minutes of my life on. (Including copy/paste/post time of course!) This is just plain old stupid.

Are you people for REAL?

He just got jiggy with, like, a million women and is living every guy's dream life, and you think he might be SINCERE?

And that he just might cheat again within two years?

Well, holy shit.


Just shocking.


Amy said...

Amen Amen, I say! Amen!

wy-not said...

Right on, sister! Tiger's a great golfer and has brought a lot to his sport. To humanity, not so much!

Kim said...

I wrote about Tiger the other day. I think he's sincerely sorry...that he got caught. Now he has to clean up the mess and try to regain his golden boy status. Good luck with that, Tiger.

Sheila said...

I'm with you sista!!! That boy has ISSUES!! His wife is beautiful - his children adorable...yet he couldn't keep his business in his britches? GROW UP!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Well said.

KK said...

Agreed, I didn't even bother watching. And yet, if someone could make my ex admit to the whole world on TV that he slept around and cheated, I'd love that!

Rhonda said...

That would definitely be satisfying then, wouldn't it!!! lol

Lilly said...

This is why I love you, you talk a whole lot of common sense. Tiger was making that statement as Tiger the Corporation. He could not give a shit, it was all staged and I couldn't care less. Share it with his wife and family not the rest of the world. Love how he hugged his Mom and shed a tear....put him on the Bold and Beautiful,

豚骨拉麵Tiger said...