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Friday, November 13, 2009

Forget Me Not

I am happy to report that my family is having a great time in Jasper. We went skiing yesterday at Marmot. We booked Livvy into a day camp where she was practically one on one with an instructor all day. By half way through the afternoon she was going up the chair lift to the lower mountain and skiing down. I was totally floored!!! She is just this tiny little person skiing down a mountain!! Holy crap. I had to ski the rest of the way down with tears in my eyes!!!

We were free to ski with the older two all day. It was just a fabulous day all around.

I might phone an old friend who lives out here to see if they want some company tonight. That would be pretty cool. She has a little girl Liv's age. It turns out the nightlife here kind of sucks and there are no pay-per-view movies. So I'm at a loss. Short of driving around again tonight and finding more elk licking people's front windows and walking down the street, we are quite boring. Har-dee-har-har-har.

Today is a shopping day and hopefully get in a short hike tomorrow before we head home.

The good blogger that I was in the past would have made sure that I preposted fabulous reading for you in my absence, but, alas, that good blogger is long gone. In her stead you get me. That's all.

Just me.

Love me anyway.



Anonymous said...

I love Jasper! I am so jealous glad you are having a great time!

Betty W said...

Sounds like a fabulous place to vacation in! Please take pictures! Be a good blogger and show us.... :)
Have a great time!!

KK said...

My good blogger days are over as well! We still love you, have fun!

wy-not said...

Good blogger. Bad blogger. I don't know the difference. Just keep 'em coming now and then cuz I love to read them. Glad Jasper was a good, if pricey, fun time for the family.