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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Made Little Lazer Beam Shooting Noises In My Head

This morning, like a good girl, I set the alarm so I could go to the gym before we start our busy day of sports, sports, sports and birthday parties.

I did yoga.

Quit laughing.

I bended and I pretzelled and I swore.

When we had to go up high on our knees, then lean back with one hand to rest it on your heel then reach up, up , up to the sky, chin up, chest open, I damned near died.

And when she said to visualize your energy right from your toes, going through your body and shooting out your fingertips to the ceiling, I actually did it. And then I made little lazer beam shooting sounds in my head.

When we had to sit with one foot crossed over the other leg, the opposite arm across your leg, another arm behind you and looking back, she was saying "Now feel the relaxation in your twisted back". The only thing i felt was P*A*I*N! Others are closing their eyes and enjoying this mother effin agony.

The water music bubbled and burbled, the birds were singing and there was the sound of a harp in the distance.

I just desperately wanted to haul out my ipod and get some Def Leppard screaming in my brain!

Perhaps yoga isn't for me.

But I'll give it another few weeks because I am NO quitter.


KK said...

It is defitiely not for me!

Geeta said...

Keep at it :)

I literally grew up taking yoga (my mother used to teach) although I don't so much anymore... and like all things it takes time... but it really does become extremely relaxing once you get used to it...

Don't push yourself though, because one thing traditional yoga isn't really supposed to do is hurt... :))

Happy Monday!

wy-not said...

You can do yoga. Thousands - maybe hundreds of thousands - of people enjoy it. Or you can exercise like I do. Arm raises - pulling apart those stubborn foil bags of potato chips. Leg lifts - pulling the handle on the recliner. Tummy tucks - stretching out the back of the recliner. Torso twists - reaching to the side for my Diet Coke. Repeat during commercials and after pee breaks. Utterly rewarding, and I promise it won't hurt. :-) Have a MARvelous day!

Anonymous said...

So funny! Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how it goes!!

Betty said...

hahaha, I can just imagine that! Pilates is similar and i HATE them with a passion!
Good luck with this!

Bethany said...

Oh my! I'm pretty sure that's how I'd be with yoga, too. Obviously I'm just jumping to try it...