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Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Bathe Naked With Friends, Or Not To Bathe Naked With Friends. That Is The Question.

At our local YMCA, where we are members, they are renovating the change rooms. It is a real headache, seeing as they are renovating all the regular ones on the main floor as well as the family one ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! So they brought in portables OUTSIDE and you have to walk through the lobby to get to the swimming pool. To get to the bathroom you have to walk, soaking wet, out through the viewing area, through the lobby IN YOUR BATHING SUIT.

Not an ideal situation.

So Leon and I have 'upgraded' ourselves to the executive change rooms upstairs for now.

My first time in there, I discovered that people of certain ethnicity's are very comfortable in their own skin. I walked into the private hot tub area, and this lady is topless and pressing her boobs up against the jets.

Then she wanders around naked for, like, HOURS it seemed. She climbed up onto the bench right by where I had my locker, and I had to SQUEEZE past her nekked self to get to my stuff.


Today, there was a new experience.

Today, there were FRIENDS hot tubbing together. Naked.

Walking around, chatting, naked.

My friends, I adore you. Tammy, you've been my friend more than 2/3 of my life.

But I will not frolick in the hot tub with you. Naked.

Well, to be honest, I won't "frolick" with you dressed. No offense. lol

Lynne, my friend, same goes for you.

I will share many things with you, but my skin is not one of them. I would appreciate the same courtesy from you. And I know you would both feel the same way! lol

In all, this executive change room has been a wonderful experience. You feel special in there. You feel RICH in there. You feel pampered in there.

And the perks definitely outweigh the freakishness of bathing naked with your friend.

Am I a prude? Maybe.

Am I okay with being a prude?



KK said...

Yeah, that's just unsettling!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I belonged to a fancy schmancy club in L.A. where many people had no trouble parading around naked all the time, which made me feel like a prude. But the women who had no trouble bending over while blow drying their hair? Well, good lord.

Betty W said...

Then call me a prude too! ´Cause that ain´t happening here either!

the treat girl said...

Our Y is brand new and I loooove far no issues in our locker rooms...but YIKES for you!!!! I'm right there with you...NO FROLICKING!!!

Claremont First Ward said...

I went to a spa with my SIL and my little prudish self was shocked when everyone in the whirlpool was naked except she and I. I'm just NOT that comfortable in my own skin. :)

Bina said...

Uh, frolicking with the gal pals...LOLOLOL!!!

You funny.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

I hear ya! Put me firmly in the "prude" category. A friend at work casually told me that she and her husband walk around their house nekkid all the time, even when their teenage boys are around. Ewwww! If I go over to house, I am NEVER going to sit on her couch! I'm just sayin...

Happy SITScation!