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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is It Any Wonder?

Welcome to our special project day hosted by Kat of Mama's Losin' It.

Today you get to hear about how totally special I am. And if you don't believe me, well then just ask me.

We're talking about moms today. Mine in particular.

And we're talking about me. 'Cause I'm just like that sometimes.

Kat wanted to know the story of our birth. Well, let me tell you, my brothers and I are so close together I think some of our stories merged into one at some point.

My mom had one boy when she was very young. Then she married my dad and had two more boys when she was still very young.

They were so done with having babies and had resigned themselves to their boys.

And then there was me. The surprise. The only girl. The cutest. The most longed for.

And that is how I know that I am extra special.

The doctor who caught me (I say that because after three kids myself, I know darned well who delivers babies, and it ain't the doctor!!) just happened to be the same doctor who caught my brothers. All three of them. So he said to my mom, who was anxiously waiting for him to announce what I was, "If it's got a handle on it, it's yours!"

I think he meant "Thank the good Lord above it's a girl this time!" But what I take that to mean is that a) I didn't have a handle, so b) I wasn't hers.

I have spent a lifetime wondering.

The funnier story, though, is of my brother's birth. My parents were new to the area and didn't know anyone in the neighbourhood. My grandparents both worked during the day and my dad's family lived in another province.

So when my mom went into labour with my brother, my dad actually went door to door to find some kind soul who would watch my other brother, who was the ripe old age of 16 months. And did I mention that my mom has long labours? (and she kindly passed down to me I must add .... thank God for epidurals!) I don't think they even knew her name. Before OR after. Bwa ha ha ha!

Can you imagine doing something like that now? You'd have that kid ripped out of your hot little possession faster than you can blink! I wonder if that lady that took Buddy in for the night at a moment's notice ever thinks about that!

Run on over to Kat's to check out the other participants!

And if you are going to Vegas ..... I'll see you Friday night!!


Betty W said...

I had my first girl with an epidural and the second without, because they didn´t do them here (at the time). Well you can guess why I stopped after that.... :)

Hope you have a super weekend in Vegas! And we want a full report here!!

Stephanie said...

Glad your mama finally got a girl

Anonymous said...

Funny how times change - have fun in vegas!

wy-not said...

Oh thank God I got my girl. All of your life, I've given thanks! Now go away, dear heart, and have yourself a wonderful, restorative time. It's brief, so make the most of it. You deserve it. We love you more than life.

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

What a warm, lovely post, Rhonda. :-) I’ll bet your mom was very happy when you popped out instead of another boy. Hope your Vegas vacation is wonderful!