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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pieces of Me.

The Prompts:

1.) What does marriage mean to you?

2.) Scaredy Cat!!!

3.) List the pieces of you that have come from those around you?

4.) The first day of...

5.) Transcribe a recent entertaining conversation you recently had with someone.

There are extra special pieces of me
that can only have been given
By extra special people in my life
and from God up in Heaven.

Things like my sense of humour
Most laughed at by yours truly.
There is my funked up eyesight
That was handed out more cruelly.

On the upside there is my height
Which makes my extra forty look like twenty.
And from my kids my bank account
Which, sadly, comes up empty.

Genetics brought me a big bum
And thunder thighs to boot!
Happily I have an hourglass (ha) waist
But under big shirts that point is moot.

Now from my kids, I proudly boast
my patience, strength and knowledge.
They also bring out my inner bitch
And make me feel double my age.

Leon, oh, my Leon.
My frenchman, my poor frog.
I think his feelings get hurt
When I'd rather snuggle my dog.

But from him I've learned humility
And when to say I'm sorry.
And if you believe that ton of crap
Please stay anyway and finish my story.

My big feet come from my mom
Who sadly had to share her shoes.
(And her make up and her hairspray
and her clothes I would abuse!)

My dad showed strength of character
And work ethic up the wazoo.
My mom, having three kids at home
Got honours when she went back to school.

From my brothers I learned to run
Fast and hard and NOW.
And being the baby of the family
I learned I had to be loud.

And so it does continue,
The shaping that makes me me.
It is not perfect. It is not great.
But I'm independent, strong-willed and ME!

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Claremont First Ward said...

Okay. You got it...

I think your poem is perfection.

And I think that the pictures of your girls are TO DIE for. I love the one of them kissing.

wy-not said...

Oh I LOVE it! You are so funny, so insightful, and so MINE! I love you, sweet girl!

Betty W said...

You should have been a poet! :)
I love your strong character shines through!

Aunt Julie said...

Nice poem! With a few minor adjustments, you could be me! Love it! Have a great day.