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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Too Tired To Be Inspired....

It's Thursday again.  All-friggin-ready!  Wow.  

The Prompts:

1.) What's ailing you? Diagnose yourself with a syndrome.
(inspired by Kimberly from Kamp KK)

2.) Share with us something you made by hand.
(inspired by Texan Mama via email)

3.) Fess up. Tell us what you found after a spying on someone.
(inspired by The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Mini Van Mom)

4.) "How are y'all doing it? This summer, I mean? I cannot remember ever being as busy as we've been over the past two months. Those of you who are blogging daily, being as witty and entertaining as ever...I beg of you...HOW?"
(inspired By Lula from Lulaville)

5.)What are you afraid of?
(inspired by Life With Kaishon)


  1. What's ailing me?  Fatigue. However, seeing as there is SO nothing funny about that, I will tell you what my darling hubby often says is ailing HIM:   He, apparently, has Dicky-Do disease.  "My belly sticks out further than my DICKY-DO!"     Ba-dum-bum-cha!
  2. I used to make these awful wreaths with mossy stuff and a little fake bird on it.  then I would glue flowers around it.  They were truly awful, and the phase didn't last long.  But this is probably a good time to thank all my family for proudly displaying them in their homes.  But, really, I hope to God you've tossed them in the trash by now!  Not only were they ugly as sin, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that I innocently gifted you with a spider haven.  Sorry.   (I tried to google image this one for you, but clearly I was the only person to ever make anything so incredibly ugly with such an amazing lack of talent.)
  3. I have Asia's facebook password.  And her email password.  I rarely go in there, but if there is something that is concerning me, I have been known to take a peak.  I won't share what I have found, which is technically against the rules of assignment #3, but there are things, for Asia's sake and my own sanity, that I will not repeat here.  If I ignore these things, then they didn't really happen.  I think that is in the top five rules of the Mom to Teenage Daughters Manual. Sad, but true.
  4. Well, you are all tired as can be about hearing about the carpenter ants, so I will just share that when Leon is working, it is me and the girls, and when he is not working he takes them out to the lake and I go back and forth because I wasn't blessed with a fireman's schedule.  It is tiring to say the least.  I am also painting Asia's room.  I'm hoping pictures will be posted tomorrow, although it won't yet be finished.  I have also been working extra hours, and start a new full time job next week.  My first full time job in 16 years!!  I try my best to blog Monday to Friday, but I can't exactly call the posts witty!  They just happen to be a brief story about whatever it is I happen to pull out of my ass at 11:00 at night while I'm totally crashing!!  When I have the house to myself, I try to pre-post, which helps a little.
  5. I'm afraid that I am home alone after our exterminator comes on Monday.  I have been instructed that I can't kill the little sons-a-bitches, because they will be carrying poison to their loved ones and I have to let them proceed on their journey.  I have to try to sleep that night, which is highly unlikely, and I will start my new job the next morning.  Nice first impression, eh?
Have a great Thursday!  


Julie said...

The Dickie Do award is a funny one.
I had one of those bird houses my girl friend made me, if I looked hard enough I could probably find a picture.
After raising my kids, I love the saying IGNORANCE IS BLISS! I knew to much and would have preferred less info.

Good Luck on your new job.


wy-not said...

Hey you! I still have two of those arrangements proudly hanging in my house, I'll have you know. And they were not ugly. And mine don't have spiders. As for Asia, well, a girl is entitled to her privacy up to a point. But in this day of electronic anything-goes - maybe privacy isn't always a good thing. I'm just glad I raised my teens in the relatively harmless '80s. Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Well, don't be ashamed of your handcrafts! It's the though that counts! :P Plus I bet they all really appreciated the effort you put into it no matter what the outcome was!

Betty said...

I used to make macrame arrangements and hangers! They look so awful to me now! :)
Can´t wait to see Asia´s room. I´m amazed what you accomplish with such a busy schedule!

Summer said...

We displayed one of those wreaths for quite some time. And then we moved. And somehow it got lost. Weird.