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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Experience With Local Drivers...

Everything I dislike about other drivers was done to me today.



To me.

And most of it was just on my way home.  

People are insane.  They are so centred on themselves getting home, they don't worry about anyone else.

I'm not just talking your basic tail-gaters.

First, this morning someone went THREE exits in the outside lane of the traffic circle.  This is a big no-no!  I consider it up there with your average B&E. Seriously. It. Pisses. Me. Off.

The next happened on my way home from work. Same traffic circle. Another no-no is changing lanes while IN the traffic circle.  The guy behind me went flying into the lane next to me and I made sure I stayed beside him (he wasn't actually SPEEDING, he just wanted to be in the front, it would seem) so that he couldn't come back in my lane. Once he realized my lane was moving faster, he cut back into the lane right behind me.  That gotcha far, didn't it?  


So I got to the traffic light and it turned yellow, so, me being the responsible driver and all, I stopped.  You could tell he was clearly going to run the red behind me. He wasn't happy with me.  As soon as the light turned to a flashing green, I turned at my usual speed (you can tell by my tires that my driving skills are seriously awe-inspiring. I jest you not!) and signalled for the outside lane, and he damned near clipped my vehicle to get around me.  Sheesh.  I waved a farewell to him with a big smile on my face, hoping to never see him again.

Next is only minutes later while I was getting gas, a guy FLEW threw the outside gas lane. He did this because he was stuck at a light, and didn't like that very much.  Apparently his schedule is more important than the average joe's life.

After this, it was an uneventful ride home. However, I had to go across town to deliver stuff  to Leon and pick up my kids, and found myself in the middle of horrible rush hour traffic. Literally a parking lot!! It took me 25 minutes to go 10 blocks.  It was ugly.  So, as usual, the people who are more important than the rest of us block the intersections so that THEY will get through the intersection once their light turns red, and they don't give a rat's hoo-haw about the people waiting to go through the intersection on the green!  Yup. That happened too!

Now, you might be thinking that that is the end of my day behind the wheel.


We went to our local grocery store and lo and behold, ANOTHER driving pet peeve.  A lady with her kids was parked RIGHT in front of the door, clearly waiting for her passenger to get their groceries. I can understand this, really, because why should THEY have to park in between those boring yellow lines and WALK through the parking lot when they can just block the way into the store and screw people up who need the ramp to get out of the store with their full carts?  

I made sure she got a look of disgust from yours truly.

There's more. 

Did I ever mention that Alberta is the proud owner of many, many, many bad drivers?  

Next, and I hope last,  there was this ... oh. No. There's another one that happened before the last one.  This chickypoo was waiting to turn out from her subdivision onto the busy back road I was driving down.  She had plenty of time, but decided to wait until I was RIGHT THERE before she slowly pulled out.  

Yeah, she got the horn, which I don't use very often. She deserved it.  I could have killed her by t-boning her side of the vehicle. And I'm afraid that I would have enjoyed taking out the idiot, so I'm glad it didn't happen.  Wouldn't THAT be an ugly hobby?

Last, my friends, is the driver of a hotrod.  Those guys are usually pretty careful with their old babies that I tend to think are rather ugly.  I was coming out of another subdivision afte delivering some pictures, and this asshat cut the corner SO close, he was literally a cm from the mailboxes. I looked at his tracks on my way past and can't believe how close he came to it.  And to boot, it's a family subdivision. Take it easy, Jackass.

So, therein lies my day behind the wheel of my old and tired minivan.  Thankfully I didn't come across any of the delightful people who have the right-of-way, going straight on a main road, but stop to look at you waiting to turn out in fear and confusion before they proceed.  I tend to wave them on their merry way with my finger.   Sheesh! 

Wow. Upon self-reflection, I'm finding that I have borderline road rage issues. 

But, I'd rather be ANGRY than STUPID, so I'm okay with this.

How do some of these people get their licenses??


Summer said...

I have a bad habit of saying in the car that other people can't drive...

The other day I was just about to open my mouth when my son said the very words for me...


Ronda's Rants said...

I am sorry and I can relate...I have been driving back and forth between Florida cities...and people are crazy!
I have seen a guy texting, watching movies, playing with the navigator thingy, talking on the phone, eating a salad with a fork while holding the steering wheel with his knee...
and that was just the crap my Hubby did...I am too afraid to look at other people!

FranticMommy said...

ooohhh. I am SO with you on this. I have often thought of contacting the local police and see if I can buy one of those spike strips they use to throw across the road to end car chases. I would use it on the busy residential street I live on where asshat's don't seem to realize little kids live on and do 50 in a 25mph. Whew. Sorry for the rant. Great post!

Queenie Jeannie said...


Sorry about your bad day - it could just have easily been one of mine! We have sucky drivers too.

Now. Your video. I have not laughed that hard in a longggggggggggg, longgggggg time!! Wow. It's a tough tie between the angry woman beating up her car with her "naughty" shopping cart and the English broad pissed that she fell into the swamp half naked that got me the worst.

That was fabulous and I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna swipe it! EVERYONE needs to see this!!!

Summer said...

Why is it every time you go out the roads are full of idiot drivers? Happens every time!

(Popped over from the SITS gals)

MarcomMom said...

OMG, I could have written this book! Proof: when my daughter was four and we were in traffic, she yelled out, "Come on, people, get out of Mommy's way!"

Juliet Grossman said...

"I'd rather be angry than stupid" pretty much sums it up lol.

Happy SITS Day!

Kathleen said...

Loved your post - and could totally identify with your feelings. Why is it we are the only good drivers on the road???

Happy SITS day.

LadyStyx said...

Popped over from Queenie Jeannie's. Hun, the American drivers are just as bad if not worse. Try driving in New York City.... when the cabby in the rightmost lane decides to hang a left right across the nose of your car. need a Valium or 3 just to RIDE those streets. Never mind having to DRIVE them.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

My worst driving pet peeve is that people don't pass in the left lane and get back into the right. They get in and travel in the left lane which is supposed to be for passing, and police everybody's speed.
I think I feel better now...