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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Mama's Guilt

The Prompts:

1.) Mother's guilt...tell us what happened.
(inspired by Lolli)

2.) Write five "Incredibly Short Books". Some examples:

"Chemical Contraception Choices for Catholic Couples"
"Teenage U.S. Presidents"
"The Book of Female Popes"
"The 2008 Book of General Motors Profits"

Dan says, "The point is that the book is of zero size since the title is a contradiction with reality."
(inspired by Dan)

3.) I'll be happy when ________________.
(inspired by Tracy P.)

4.) Relay an interesting conversation you recently had with someone that may or may not involve creating a Loch Ness Monster Theme Park.
(inspired by Jen)

5.) Show us something you made!
(inspired by Janis)

I'm totally signing up for number one!!

It all happened about five and a half years ago.

I know this because we had just had Olivia and I was so sick afterward I could barely stand it.

Cassie asked it she could have a popsicle. So naturally, since I probably had no plans to make supper anytime soon, I said yes, and off she went to the freezer.

I think I have mentioned my short term memory problems to you before. This is one of those times when it failed me altogether.

Leon came downstairs about 20 minutes later, and just as he was starting to ask after Cassie, I perked up and said, "Asia, go check on Cassie!"

I told Leon she had gone to get a popsicle about 20 minutes earlier and she hadn't come back.

Leon went running to the garage where we had our new-to-us old-style freezer. You know. The ones that lock? Yup.

There she was.

Curled up in the bottom eating her popsicle.

She had jumped in, because we're not big on buying in bulk or doing any baking that lasts long enough to find itself in the freezer, and it closed behind her and latched.

I, to this day, think/know that she was just curious what would happen if.... and closed it behind her.

And then started to panic when she couldn't get out.

I feel sick to my stomach even telling this story.

She yelled. But the freezer was in our garage so no one could hear her screaming.

She layed on her back and kicked at it with her feet.

She stood at the bottom and pushed with all of her 6 year old back strength.

And finally, when she had run out of other options, she just started to pray.

And eat her popsicle.

We come from good stock, people. When all else seems to fail you ....

She looks up and sees Leon scooping her up and Asia looking on in concern.

And where was her mama? Still sitting in the same old chair.

I didn't rush to her. I didn't even get off my sick, exhausted butt.

20 minutes locked in a freezer and I didn't even get up. 

I think I get the Bad Mom Award, right?

Perhaps next time I'll tell you about the time she was dangling from her tippy-toes off the side of her bed with the cord from the blind wrapped around her little three year old neck.  

Good times, people.  Good times.  


June Freaking Cleaver said...

Wow! Lucky that Leon showed up! Maybe Cassie's prayer was answered. I'm glad it all turned out well.

Farmers Wife said...

Wow that is an amazing story. And she still ate her popsicle.. Alls well in the end, that's the most important thing..

Ronda's Rants said...

God answers our prayers.
Let this go, Rhonda...
Love you!

InfertileMadWoman said...

Wow, I have to admit that I chuckled a little after I saw that all was ok..... Honey kids do crazy stuff, and I still think that you are an awesome mom!!! She lived... no harm no foul!! It will be one more story she can tell her therapist ( Clark's favorite saying with the Turtle)!!


Betty said...

We have all had those "moments" where we feel guilty forever! I agree with Ronda, let it go. God answered prayer!

wy-not said...

Gawd. I remember those stories. Poor Cassie. That's likely why she's such a nice kid today. She prayed and God listened. That's pretty cool.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh man, poor thing. At least she made the best of it and ate a popsicle.

Casey said...

I know what you mean about eating when all else fails. I am glad everything turned out alright.