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Monday, July 27, 2009

At The Beach Photo Contest

I'm entering this one in a photo contest on the I Heart Faces blog. (I have no idea how you guys actually make a little heart appear in the title, but technically, it is supposed to be there...) I don't know if you can vote. Or maybe you just cheer me on from the sidelines, but anyhoooo. Here goes.

Go check out the others at the link above!


Erica said...

oh what a neat shot and unique point of view! great job!

Unknown said...

This is such a good shot! did you have to get in the water with that? If so you are brave to bring your camera in the H2O :)

Kate - k8tography said...

Fab perspective! Love the processing too!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures. you are talented.

the treat girl said...

I was going to enter one there yesterday too!!! But I couldn't narrow it down and I had to make dinner to get out the door for football camp!!! Maybe I can sneak one in today.........good luck!!! They are all terrific!

Melissa G said...

Hi, great photo! A beautiful beach and a cute kid! Perfect!

I didn't know how to make the heart at first either but then i learned it's pretty easy. Just write

& hearts ;

but with out the spaces between them.

Anonymous said...

Alt 3 at the same time will also give you the ♥. Fun photo, the water looks so refreshing!!!

Unknown said...

What a cool entry! I love how it's different than most entries this week and just so pretty!