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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

I am participating once again in Angie's Tuesday's Tribute.

And today I think it is important to pay tribute to teachers.

But only the good ones. We all know they are few and far between these days.

Cassie was lucky enough to land one of the good ones this year. For the first time ever. Finally, in her sixth year (not counting playschool and kindergarten) of her education, a good one.

Mr. B. - as he will be known for this post - is fantastic. Cassie wanted to go to school every day. She was interested. She was happy. Her report cards were good. Her effort level great. All. The. Time.

I don't think a child's education depends completely on whether or not a teacher loves his job. But I do believe that a teacher loving his job can make or break a child's interest in learning.

Mr. B would get crazy with these kids. He had fun with these kids. He shocked the heck out of these kids when he had to get strict with them. Then he'd think of some crazy assignment and they'd be having fun again.

He took the time to practice a song with Cassie after school so they could perform in Friday's talent show.

He created a blog for his kids so they could follow assignments, and he would post links for sites he found that he thought they would enjoy. My friends, he took interest in his kids.  

And you gotta love that!

Asia landed a great teacher in kindergarten. Mrs. S. was amazing. She retired the year after Asia so Cassie wasn't so fortunate. But Mrs. S. was grandmotherly. She hugged them. She was gentle and loving. And fun. 

Since then, however, Asia has only hit the teacher jackpot once. And that was this year. In junior high, of course, the kids go to different teachers, so it is more that you have to make an impact on a teacher so that they think enough of you to want to teach you.

Ms. G. is Asia's gym/cheer/sports coach. She made the kids want to give their all, and Asia did. She excels in athletics. Ms. G. has already told her to let her know when her cheer competitions are and she will come out to watch. I know she enjoyed having Asia in her classes and on her sports teams. (At least as much as hormonal junior high girls CAN be enjoyed...)  Her natural skill and wild and crazy energy makes her a great student for a physical education teacher.

Ms. G. put in her usual work day, and then stayed to coach or supervise the extra curricular stuff that would go on after school. Many cheer competitions were evenings and weekends, and there she was. Always. 

Ms. G. is retiring this year. Tomorrow will be her last day.  I wish her all the best in her years ahead!!!

So, I'd like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the teachers out there who love their jobs, and enjoy their kids, and are in their profession for all the right reasons! YOU are the ones who will make schooling a positive experience for kids.  And what an amazing reward to have these kids love you right back and perhaps, one day, to follow in your foot steps.


angie said...

How sad that in 7 years she only had two fantastic teachers.

However, he sounds like an incredible least she landed a good one eventually. :)

Can't wait to meet in vegas~!

Ronda's Rants said...

My kids had some good teachers as well...I thanked God for them.
It makes for a really long year when you get a-not-so-great one...
again, your daughters are beautiful!

hip chick said...

Good teacher's can make such a world of difference in a kid's life. Don't forget to tell them how great they are. It goes a long way.

kisatrtle said...

good teachers are such a wonderful gift. Glad to hear your daughter had a gem!

Amy said...

That is so wonderful. I have had a few great teachers. Like Mrs. T. who made math fun by using chocolate bars to learn about fractions. She also read great books. One other teacher would help me after class and tutor me. I also have some friends who have become great teachers.

Shelly said...

What a great tribute to teachers! Having been a teacher myself, I know that it is these kinds of moments that make the job well worth it.

Betty said...

I agree with you. The right teacher can do wonders for your child.
Great tributes!

wy-not said...

Amen, sister!

Melissa said...

A good teacher makes a HUGE difference in the way a child will learn!!
Very nice tribute!!

K said...

I still remember my stand-out teachers. Great Tuesday Tribute!