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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thursday's Writer's Workshop - Language Warning

The Prompts:

1.) If you could cut back on something in your life that takes up your time what would it be? And what would you prefer to spend that time doing?
(inspired by Lady Isra)

2.) Share a recent adventure you had with a friend.
(inspired by Amy)

3.) Describe a memorable gift. Why was it important to you?
(Inspired by Kit Kat)

4.) If you could change career paths now and be anything you wanted to be...what would you be and why?
(inspired by Lauren)

5.) Kim's email:

In the St. Louis News-Dispatch paper, they had an article of a man who wrote his own obituary before his death, and gave it to his sister to post when he died. He summed life up in 45 words:

I know it's a morbid subject, but what about a prompt about what would one's obit say, with a word limit. You could stipulate that everyone died at 100, so we'd all be predicting what our future would be like.

So there you have it. Sum up life in 45 words. :) Happy happy.
(Inspired by Kim)

I'm taking on number 5. With a twist.

It's not MY obituary.

And I can't promise it will be captured in 45 words.

But read on anyway.

Yes, that's my title, but it doesn't count toward my word total. 
Because I said so. 
That's why.

On May 31/June 1, two dumb-ass f*ck 14 year olds entered an acreage where they stabbed to death two people. They stole their truck and tore off down the road. Police caught these two dumb-ass f*ck 14 year olds in this stolen truck. Police proceeded to the home of the stolen truck to find two blugeoned bodies. I'm sure they were very nice, reasonable, working class people whose lives have now been snuffed out because two dumb-ass f*ck 14 year olds (one of whom is now charged with murder, the other accessory to murder) just happened to feel like it was their time.

Nice, huh?

These boys can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.  Personally, I think NAME THEM. HUMILIATE THEM. DETER THEM FROM FUTURE ACTS OF STUPID AND ILLEGAL.  Why protect them? They MURDERED two innocent people.

So, for now we'll just call them two dumb-ass f*cks. 


It also happens that "people" are suddenly wanting to look deeper into children's services (these "children" were wards of the gov't). They want to blame everyone, it seems but these "children". Isn't it just typical for this generation to not be made to take the blame for their acts? Isn't taking ownership of your actions part of the overall learning process? WHY take the blame away from these "children" and put it elsewhere? What will that solve? 

Go see Kat, where hopefully many others will participate and be far more uplifting than me.  :-)


Unknown said...

Good obit. I am always torn by the no-name thing. On the plus side, there is the innocent until proven guilty thing. But it seems that it should apply to all until conviction if we were really to be fair.

Unknown said...

It is a fine line this whole youths being tried as adults bit, but I am definitely with you. They KNEW what were doing, they should be accountable immediately and the names released!

wy-not said...

The most chilling part of this whole terrible thing is the "randomness." These people, one the property owner and the other his renter, were just going about their day, like anybody else, when two deranged kids decided to take the truck – oh, and the two lives while they were at it – and go for a joyride. I am sick for all the families involved, including the grieving families of the 14-year-olds. But the dog-and-pony show we call Canadian law will now treat these kids like poor misguided souls who can recover. I don't think they can. Evil is evil, and that's it. Sickening.

kisatrtle said...

very sad.

Debz said...

That's absolutely tragic. The story I mean, not the obit.
I don't know the laws there, but I sure hope they'll be tried as adults.

Robin said...

it's people like those two dumb-ass f*cks, that make me want to move off to some farm out in the middle of nowhere far far away from dumb-ass f*cks.....oh yeah, the people they murdered for fun were out in the middle of an acreage...middle of nowhere. :-(

In that case I guess I'll just go buy an ice cream cone over at Grey's and worry about all those dumb-ass f*ckers running around out there free to do as they please because of the stinky judicial system cares more about protecting dumb-ass f*ckers than they do good decent caring minding their own business HUMAN BEINGS.

Robin said...

oh...sorry about that.
What I ment to say was....great post...

Hope your day has been beautiful.