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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost There!

This week is a busy one in our household.  I'm so glad it's almost half done. 

Church league soccer finished up tonight. Our adult team came from last place to take the trophy. Only there was no trophy. Technically. It's a fun league only. Our orange team was up by one goal going into the second half and down one player to an injury. (Technically two players, because I'm off, and another injury that was playing anyway!) So the green team started the second half by pulling all their eleven players to the eight players we had. Isn't that nice? BUT WE WON!!!! Wahooo!

Tomorrow is work and cheer, meetings and soccer wind up BBQ and Leon has a baseball tourny all day. Then after all that, I'll be up putting hair in rollers and trying different styles on the girls.

Thursday morning is a ceremony for the grade six kids heading off to junior high. Some girls, I have heard, will be wearing gowns. GOWNS, people. Seriously? They do know this is only the mid way point in their school careers, right?

Thursday evening is Asia's grade nine grad, which is more of a casual dress up, because this year they are opting out of the whole dinner / dance schmozzle and just having awards and desserts. Off to high school for her.

And Miss Liv also has her kindergarten celebration tomorrow night, which she will have to miss, unfortunately, for Asia's grad, which trumps kindergarten. But, what she doesn't know, and all that, right?

Then Friday is Cassie's talent show at her school.  She is doing a solo with her teacher playing guitar. That means no CD in the background, in case she forgets words, or gets off track.  A brave, brave girl, that middle daughter of mine!

Saturday is Asia's big aftergrad party. At someone's house.  Be afraid. Be very afraid!!!

The rest of the weekend is reserved for cleaning my poor neglected house!

So, it seems that while I am back to blogging, life is sending me into full tornado mode for just another couple of days.  Hang in there, though. I'm bound to have some grad stories. 

They are, after all, all girls!!! And what are girls without drama and more drama?


Betty said...

and more drama....
I´m sure you will have material to write about. :)
Glad you´re back to blogging. I wonder if I will feel the same way after a few weeks without?

wy-not said...

YEAH! I missed you babe. Glad you're back. Hang in there over the few days to come. Remember what Trace Atkins says - "You're gonna miss this."

Vegas? Yeah girl. Bring it on! If I win my lottery before that, I'll go with you. Hell, I'll TAKE you.