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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday's Writer's Workshop

The Prompts:

1.) What is your life's anthem? You know...that song that is ALWAYS in your head. The one you'd go to sing first if someone told you to sing a song right NOW. What is it and what does it mean to you?
(inspired by Tattooed Minivan Mom)

2.) We love telemarketers don't we!?! Describe a memorable experience you had with one.
(inspired by Literal Dan

3.) How much does focusing on weight affect your daily life?
(inspired by Musings Of A Blond Mom)

4.) Describe in what ways you expect too much from your significant other. Do they deserve an apology?
(inspired by Carty Party Of Three)
5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.
(inspired by our irritation at our own complaining from last weeks "Sick Of" posts.)

I'm going to hit them all. Ready?

  1. My life's anthem?  In my early to mid teen years, it was "So Many Men (So Little Time)". It was such a hoot!  Then my mid to later teen years it was anything sappy and sad. You know, those dramatic years.  Now it is just anything that will drown out my fighting children.  I kid you not.
  2. The only one I can think of is the carpet cleaning company that Leon told to phone back later and talk to me. I told her (she called PRECISELY when I was walking in the door) very nicely that we weren't interested.  She was so hoping that we were a sure thing, and said as much to me.  So I responded with "No. He was just too chicken shit to tell you himself!"  She never called back.
  3. I have done this often and deeply.  I'm not due to go back there for a while.
  4. I suppose I expect a lot from poor Leon. But, really, it's no more than I would expect from myself.  We mainly just have different priorities. And apologize?  Ummm. Yeah, whatev. Sorry.  lol  (You all already feel sorry for him for getting stuck with me. Why change sides now?  lol)
  5. Ten things that make me happy? Ten WHOLE things?  This may take a while. 
  • My kids getting along. (At least this probably WOULD make me happy if it lasted longer than it took for the shock to wear off.  I kid you not.)
  • A clean house.
  • Smelly candles.
  • A job well done.
  • Leon finishing a job he starts. (See number four above)
  • The "anonymous" comment I'll get after he reads this.
  • Music.  Always music.
  • Another spa weekend with my mom.
  • Size six.
  • Watching my kids sleep.
Now can you believe that I finished this entire post, then stretched out my legs under the desk and hit the switch on our extension cord?  I had to do this entire post all over again because it hadn't autosaved.  That sucked!!!  lol

Go see Kat (who, you probably heard, is going to be speaking at SITSCATION  2009 in Vegas!! How totally cool is THAT!)  


Unknown said...

You need to tell Leon to get you a theme song - that way it doesn't just have to drown out the kids.

Unknown said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. I smiled when I read about Leon! Especially how he will leave you an anonymous comment. That is really sweet : ). He sounds like a good guy!

Anonymous said...


Oh man! That sucks you had to write it all over again.

You should probably put autosave on the list of ten things. When it works anyway.

Teri said...

My theme song: I'm Still Standing. Yeah, that's the right one. Totally fits.

Amy said...

Oh I hate when I have to retype a post! Stinks. Great post.

Jacquie said...

nothing quite like an "Anonymous" comment. That's really sweet

Ronda's Rants said...

Love this...what would totally make me happy would be seeing you and Leon in Vegas for SITS...
I talked Bob into it last night!

Jenners said...

Visiting from Mama Kats...

I find the only way to get rid of telemarketers is to be brutally honest and sound a little psycho at the same time. And shame on Leon for dodging it himself!!

My hubby leaves me Anonymous comments after I write about him too! Totally cracks me up.

And I love the Size 6 ... I can dream about it can't I!

Jessica said...

I am never brave enough to tackle them all! You did well.

wy-not said...

Good job girl! I love your 'happy' list. Mine used to be like that too. Now that you and your brothers don't live/fight here anymore, a lottery win has moved to the top of my 'happy' list (as in "would" make me happy if it ever happened) because then I could take care of #s 2, 3, 5, and 8 for you! And oh isn't #10 the best. I sneak into your house at night sometimes just to watch you sleeping... okay, that's just creepy.

Betty said...

I´m sure your post was much more detailed the first time, right? But I loved it anyway... :)
Your list of 10 is very similar to mine, except I would be happy with a size 14 too! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

That stinks you had to type the whole thing over. Nice list of ten happy things, I forgot to list music on mine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda!! Why did Ronda invite her husband and you told me that i am lucky that I can stay home with the kids!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I love how you touched on all of the prompts here. Very fun!

Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks said...

I wish I had a life anthem. I wouldn't even know where to begin making one up.

KatBouska said...

I want a spa weekend!!! I love your many of those would make me happy. Especially the size SIX. ;)

Lilly said...

Love Leons comment on here. I did not know he made commnts on your blog. Hell, what a nice guy he is!! You are going to Vegas? Oh I so want to go to that. What fun it will be!!! And I thought your list was fantastic!!