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Monday, May 25, 2009

I Think I'm Ready Now.

Yesterday's post was a little vague.  I seriously just did not know how to put into words what I wanted to share.  I still won't divulge everything, except that there is a certain young man, and two mothers, who are more than a little sad right now. 

I'm going to miss that little shit. I'm going to miss the extra dose of testosterone that we so desperately need around here.  I'm going to miss his family. His Mom. I'm going to miss the summer that was supposed to be such a blast. I'm going to miss seeing his smiling face in the back seat of my van when I look in my rear view mirror. I'm going to miss the cuteness of watching them trade off the jacket that had lost his smell for the fresh one that "smelled like an angel".

I dread making plans to return that jacket. I dread the day she tells me there is someone new.  I dread discovering that the new one is her usual mixed gender freak of nature that is her normal thing of choice. I dread having to pretend I like that freak. (Oh, who do I think I'm fooling.  I won't even pretend to like him/her/it!) 

That sums it up, I suppose. To say this really sucks sums it up better. 


Claremont First Ward said...

Oh, how sad. I'm so sorry!

Rebecca said...

So sad!

Stopping over from SITS! We have kids similar in age. I have teenagers who know it all too!

Ronda's Rants said...

This too shall pass...:)

Alex the Girl said...

Or even worse, she picks up another just like him and it starts all over again.

wy-not said...

Ah babe! So it has been for generation after generation. But I know that doesn't help you right now. Just remember that their chances aren't over yet. Maybe these two too-young people will find one another again in their late 20s when they're ready to be serious. The fat lady isn't singing just quite yet.

Betty said...

I agree with mom. Count this one down to experience and keep praying they find each other again, when they are more mature.
But it does suck, I agree!

Unknown said...

It's sad, but is it really over. When the Son was going through those years, the gloom/doom/sadness of one week was often followed by the joy/happiness/celebration of the re-joining the next week.

(And unlike you, I was usually happy when they broke up and unhappy when they got back together. But being a good parent and bright enough to know that if I said anything, I'd just be encouraging the opposite behavior, I bit my tongue and smiled on.)

Tulsi said...

We have a mixed gender fella here, too. I thought it was just us. He is to pretty to be a guy and no one would know he wasn't a girl if you didn't know. He's 15 but doesn't go to public school any more.

Anonymous said...

thank you Rhonda. thats really nice of you.

Lilly said...

Oh I remember feeling the same way with Jordan and her first boyfriend. He was adorable. But life moved on and so did they and there are lots more fun things in store for her. And my sister was and is worse. She still talks about her oldest daughters ex boyfriend and they have been broken up for 3 years. No-one will be able to match him I think in her eyes. It isnt our choice at the end of the day and I jsut know that seh is going to make great choices, eventually. With parents like you two how can she not? Love your Mon and her comments, she is smart.