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Thursday, May 07, 2009

He Is One Incredibly Lucky One Dimensional Dude.

Flat Stanley was supposed to be sent back a few days ago, but he had one more thing to do yet. Can you believe that Flat Stanley came to us, immediately went to Mexico, flew off to Australia, hitchhiked over to Paraguay, sailed to Florida, then took the Disney Express to California, and yet he didn't get to do anything in our fine city?

Jamie and her family LOVE West Edmonton Mall, so that is where Stanley ventured off to today. He went on the Mind Bender Rollercoaster with me, the Space Shot with Cassie, and many, many rides with Liv. He had a great time, and tomorrow will be express-posting it back to Manitoba.

Thank you so much to my wonderful blog friends who helped Stanley see the world! 


Ronda's Rants said...

It was so much fun...we should come up with a Blogging Buddy to pass around!!!

Alex the Girl said...

Thhhhhhaaaaaat Stanley. Always good for a ride on a scary ride. Too bad his lunch can't say the same.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Flat Stanley is one lucky dude!

- Jennifer

Susie said...

So much fun hanging with Flat Stanley:-)

amelia bedelia said...

Hope Stanley didn't get sick from all those roller coasters!

wy-not said...

What a hoot. And what a great school project. That little Stanley has been to more places than most people ever see – if only we could send ourselves through the mail. I'd love to see Paraquay and Australia too.

Betty said...

I just read your mom´s comment. You two should come on over here for a visit! Would love to have you!
I see you are using both Stanley´s! :) I guess I made him too big...:)

Rhonda said...

Betty, he's perfect! I used him on the rides I was scared to drop him on! lol

Lilly said...

How cute - he had a great time! You are so pretty Rhonda - great photo of you. Tell your mother to come on down!!