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Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Innocent Crush Is Healthy In Every Relationship Now And Again .... Isn't It?

My girlfriend is crushing on Robert Pattinson in a bad way.  And I mean, this guy is EVERYWHERE!!!  Weird. Her husband is okay with it.  Even weirder.  Right?

Well, holy Mother! I've decided to add another man to my life.  I'll still keep Leon. He's pretty good to have around. He makes me laugh. He accepts responsibility for these young freaks of nature that live here. That's a bonus, right?

But my guy, Adam, has one very fine ass-et that he can add to our relationship:

M*O*N*E*Y!! He is going to be so stinking rich!!!

Oh, and the fact that I am mush when he sings.

And finally, the fact that he is simple eye candy that one can enjoy without having to do much else. 
He's pretty flaming I think, so I wouldn't even have to put out.
Leon might, though. 

The one that took me over the top:  Mad World

After you finish leaving a comment telling Leon it's all good, and not to worry about our marriage or be mad at me in any way, nor cause me any grief over this post, stop back over to see Candid Carrie for the next name on the list!!


Brittany said...


ME TOO!!!!

Adam is so hot! I am crushing on him like a sixteen year old girl!
But, sadly, I don't think I have the correct "parts" for him. You either... I think your Leon is safe!

But, darn, Adam is sexy! And, that voice... Really?! :)

Oh, yeah, the boy does a better "smoky eye" than I do! Not. Fair.

Visiting from SITS!

Ronda's Rants said...'s official! I am now too old to care...what else is going to happen to me?

Unknown said...

It's okay to have a crush. In fact crushes are fun !! :-)

Go for it !!!

Emily said...

He is crushworthy, what a crooner!
Happy Friday!

Betty said...

I used to have crushes every other day....but right now I´m at the other "Ronda´s" stage....too old to care! :) That scares me!

wy-not said...

Ah Adam. He is a cutie alright. But young enough to be my grandson, so not truly crush-worthy for me. Hmmm. I wonder what his grandpa looks like...