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Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Not As Bad As I Thought...

Hey everyone. Betty tagged me for this "What's in your purse?" post. I warned her....
I would love to do something fun like Kat did, with her video, but we all know that while Kat can afford the 10 pounds the camera puts on .... I cannot.

Before you get to this, you might want to remember number 18 from yesterday's post. I'm just sayin'.

Meet Joe.  Joe Boxer.  I told Leon I wanted a big-ass bag for Christmas, and boy, did he come through for me!

I so love the inside of this bag!! And I so rarely see it....

Everyone, meet all my shit.
All my shit, meet everyone.

Now, to be more specific:
We have in the back row my make up bag, wallet and very full Weight Watcher's bible with about a gazillion week's worth of booklets in it.
Next-ish row, there is an oversized book (just to put it all in perspective for you), my cell phone (which is rarely answered), a few random coins, lip gloss that never quite made it back into my make up bag, and the schedule for last Saturday's cheer competition.
Also in there, empty gum wrappers, blockbuster card, three stray earrings each with no partner to be found, a business card for I can't figure out what (or why), deodorant, a coupon, pointsbooster, icky stained receipts, gum, tea, my work badge, my work keys and extra set of vehicle/house keys.


I carry around one of my prizes from Angie at Seven Clown Circus.
And lots of gum.

Unfortunately, not too much cash...
and WAY too much garbage!

You've learned way too much about me in these past two days.
I apologize.


wy-not said...

Holy cow. I would be embarrassed to do this. Yours is pretty neat there, my girl. And a few of those coins appear to be American. How long have you been hoarding those? LOL this looks like a fun exercise. I'd try it, but I think something is living and growing in my bag. I'm frankly a bit afraid of it.

Lilly said...

Hey I think you have a neat bag. I carry around lots of Extra gum too, and loose change! I am meant to be doing this too but posted one not long ago. I will resurrect it at the end of the month and link to Betty. Um I watched Kats video - hilarious. Except I thought I didnt realise she was joking until she got to the spoon, he he.

Anonymous said...

My purse is forever full of trash.

Betty said...

You do have lots compared to me, but I think it looks pretty normal. Nothing to be ashamed about. I do have a bigger purse when I travel, but for day to day use, a cloth bag is good for me.
Thanks for playing along.
Going to check out Kats video now...

Alpacamountain said...

pffftt, you ain't got nothin on me...your mom's purse and my purse sound familiar. Why you hoarding American monies? It's not worth much nowadays.

Teri said...

For years, I have had a tiny little purse that makes it impossible for me to jam crap I used to. My sister's laugh at me. Of course, my purse now only weighs about 1 1/2 pounds.

TLF said...

I came over from Mama Kat's.
Congrats on your win!