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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thursday's Homework Assignment

It's time for another Thursday homework assignment.  It turns out that I can't do any of this week's prompts.  There's only one I could write about, but on that same note I can't write about it because my kids read this. I'll let you use your imagination as to which one I'm talking about.

So, because I'm such a keener, I'm going to do a second assignment from last week.

Ask people to describe me. Easy peasy.

First off, Leon. I'm both delighted and surprised to tell you that it was mostly good.

Here's his list:

  1. Caring
  2. Thoughtful (Remember the racquetball post??)
  3. Considerate
  4. Ice Cold Bitch (I reworded this for him, but I know this is what he meant!)
  5. Short-fused
  6. Generous
  7. Kind
  8. Smart 
  9. Incredibly tolerant 
I think it was supposed to be eight things, but I feel that the last one is very important. And it was my own word. Everyone married to a frenchman, hang your head and just agree, right?

I thought it might be nice to get another person's opinion on me. 

My mom.

Not too surprising that all of HER words were also quite complimentary.

She actually gave me 32, so I'm going to pick out MY favorites. 

  1. Bubbly (It's actually dimply cellulite, but I like her description better!)
  2. Hard-working (Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about!!)
  3. Helpful (To the point of mental breakdown. Yup. That's me.)
  4. Honest (If you don't want to hear it, don't be asking me! Although I try to be kind with my honesty!)
  5. Perfect (Okay, even I am rolling my eyes at this one, mom!!!)
  6. Fun 
  7. Organized (Well, at least I have SOMEONE fooled!)
  8. Loyal 
  9. Sister, daughter, mother, friend, wife. (I just thought I'd lump all these together for you!)
Now you can say that you know me a little better. At least my good side!!!  Head over to Mama's Losin' It to catch up with the other participants!

Happy Thursday!


Blog Stalker said...

What a great list. I can only aspire to have someone, anyone tell me I represented the list of traits your mom had to say about you.

Congratulations! Have a great day!

careysue said...

And number 10.

Let me add it in for ya.

Incredibly funny, creative and a great soccer player!

How's that?

TuTu's Bliss said...

fun lists!

Ronda's Rants said...

That is great and I concur!
You are also kinda cute!
I would also like to thank you for the freezing ass cold you have sent down here to Florida! I was happy I can't feel my toes!

wy-not said...

Hey! You left out my "beautiful". And I am injured and going into therapy over this one: I send you 32 well-chosen, carefully thought-out words, everyone an accurate description of my "beloved (that was one of the 32)" daughter, and what do you choose as #1? The ONE SINGLE WORD your father provided! Harrumph!

xxoo xxoo

We love you!

Mama Kat said...

Your moms comment cracked me up!

I'm glad they prticipated...I wish I had a lot of words to choose from...Pat was scraping for SIX.