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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wordful Wednesday - My Humiliation

Welcome to Wordful Wednesday hosted by Angie!

My most entertaining vacation story is coming to you at my own expense. Complete and utter humiliation keeps a person humble, I think. And I was humbled on the third day of our trip.

George (who can feel free to go back to being Leon when he's ready....) and I went on a catamaran excursion. We were to snorkel and shop and eat and drink. All the things that are great ideas for a holiday in Mexico.

We had great seats on the catamaran. Music was playing. Drinks were flowing. The sun was shining. It was fabulous!

Then, the people who wanted to snorkel had to make their way to the back of the boat, and down into the belly of it to get their snorkel gear. 

Once I started to move around on the boat, my stomach started to roll. I looked down into the dark belly of the catamaran and my own belly started to roll. 

I told them there was no way I could go down there, and started making my way back to the front of the catamaran.  I was depressed that I wouldn't be able to snorkel, but resigned myself to the fact that my only way of doing so would be to go down those stairs, and I was okay with my decision. 

Then my dearest George comes back with gear for me too!  We could NOT have gotten to our snorkeling location fast enough for me. My stomach was doing some serious thinking about pushing the eject button on my breakfast. 

We put on our gear and jumped into the ocean, thinking that once I was in the water my stomach would feel better.


I got so sick. I started throwing up all over myself right there in the ocean. I was mortified.

But, if you look at the positive side, the fish were thrilled! They were on me before the first morsel left my hand-covered mouth! I was surrounded by big yellow fish, eating the goods I had to offer.

Isn't that delightful?

So, George was calling me to catch up to the group, since the current was carrying me away.  I swam over, telling him about the fish that I had attracted. Then we snorkeled for a few more minutes.

One of the crew asked us to put our gear on and put our faces in for a picture. And we even bought it.  I thought it would be a memory that would make us chuckle for a long, long time. 

And then my guts were rebelling again. This time, though, my hubby was swift enough to stick his head under water when he saw me throwing up again. The fish were coming over to me again. Not only am I horrified at my own predicament, but now my husband is watching, under water. There were other tours in the same location, and suddenly, mid-heave, I hear a whole bunch of other snorkelers calling out to each other, "Hey, look at all the fish around that lady!!!" 

And all of THEIR heads are also under water, watching the fish eat my breakfast.


By that time, I had started to panic. I was taking in lots of ocean water, and I didn't have a whole lot of faith in my life-preserver waist belt, and the catamaran and my group were getting further away. George is calling me to hurry up and get back with the group.

He could see the panic in my eyes as I had no control. I was TOTALLY losing it! I was using all my energy throwing up and couldn't take much more. 

We called one of the crew guys over and he had to tow me back to the boat, and the boat had to turn around to come and get me. The people who chose to stay on were all watching. Then I hauled my sorry self up onto the catamaran and went back to the front, and waited to die.


Lilly said...

Oh Rhonda you poor thing but at least you went snorkelling. Its a great picture too and you would never ever know what had just gone on.

I agree humiliation is good for the soul. Besides you knew none of these other people, he he. Love the picture of you dying on the boat. Love your outfit - hope you got a tan while you were at it. Great post!!!!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Well, it's a great story to look back on!

Betty said...

Laughing.... :) Sorry, but I can just imagine this! Luckily I had already finished eating...
This was hilarious. After reading the story I went back to the snorkeling pic and I can see the pain in your face. Not having much fun...
The one laying on the boot and trying to recuperate, is much better.
But hey! At least it gave you blogging material, right?? :)

Ronda's Rants said...

I bet it was the best meal those little fishes ever are such a giver!
I am sorry but you look cute!!!

jill jill bo bill said...

I hate it that I am rolling at your expense.Really hate it. So are you telling me that if I run out of fish food I can just barf a little in their bowl? Cool!
GREAT post!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! I snorkled once and it was one of the scariest things I've done. If it weren't for one in the group that was a certified diver coming to me and swimming with me and helping me stay up and everything I would have lost it. I went into panic mode at least twice. It was a short adventure and I don't know that I could do it again. I can't imagine having the fish there in your face. I think that would freak you out even more!

Melissa said...

Oh no..... what a mess (literally, huh??)!! I hope you got feeling better and were able to enjoy the rest of your trip...
Hey, at least you got a good picture out of it!!

Claremont First Ward said...

OH, no. I don't know how you kept a float at all with all of that heaving. It's amazing how draining vomitting is. I'm glad you're safe.....and you got to see some great fish......for a moment.

wy-not said...

Oh my Lord, honey. I am so sorry you had to live through this trauma. But I'm only sad for you. I'm actually a bit delighted for the rest of us, because the story is a total hoot! I'm laughing my arse off reading it. Thanks for telling it like it was!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Poor you! That is probably what I would do too! At least you can laugh about it now!

wy-not said...

Oooh. That 'comment deleted' looks so unfriendly. It was me, babe. My comment posted twice. Duh!

Brenda said...

yuck, yucky! BUT! it has happened to me too, in Hawaii.

I found you over at Angies.

Teri said...

Oh no! I hate to admit it but this is a hilarious story. You are brave to share...with us and the fish!

Mamarazzi said...

so awesome!...thanks for sharing!

oh and i wanted to answer your question...YES i made in it EVERY hour to comment on SITSmas...but didn't win. ALL

Shala said...

I'm cracking up and grossed out at the same time. I'm sorry that you got sick but it's a great story.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

we must be kindred hearts...i puked too!

debi9kids said...

YIKES! That is quite the experience. HOLY!
Have a happy WW!

careysue said...

I am right with you, been there done that!!!

Not fun at all.

Michelle said...

Well thank goodness for vomit loving fish! :)

Mamahut said...

lol, snort, snort or should I say snorkle, snorkle.
You poor thing, I can laugh at you, but I would have just swam away with the big yellow fish.
Was the rest of the trip a good one though? Hope so.

Roban said...

Oh, my! I saw your thumbnail picture on ATV Coach's site and had to come see what this humiliation post was all about. I must say I chuckled when I read it, although I'm sure you weren't in a chuckling mood that day.

I've been in the same boat (nearly literally)! My husband/then-fiance took me on a deep-sea fishing trip. I was fine on the way out to sea. Then, the 5-foot waves came, and the waves of nausea seemed higher! I laid on my back (when not looking at the bottom of a bucket) the ENTIRE time!

Enjoyed the read!

Sandi said...

Lilly sent me over here and I am so glad she did! I hate to laugh at you and not with you.....But that was a fantastic Mexico adventure you had! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You poor soul.... We've all had those moments!