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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Concerts

Not many words in today's post. I suppose I could keep some for Wordful Wednesday, but, well, I'm just not real bright. lol

It's a bit of a jumbled mess.  First is Asia's band concert. Second is Liv's skating lessons with her kindergarten class (photo credit to George). And third is Liv & Cassie's Christmas Concert for school. (George gets some photo credit there too, or else I'm in deep sh*t...)

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Lilly said...

Gorgeous photos - beautiful girls (oh ok you can tell them your blog readers think so). Must say Liv's picture of the school concert bought tears to my eyes. How precious they look. They look so adorable and then they are grown up before you know it. Makes me feel nostalgic if anything. Oh and your assistant photographer did ok too.

Ronda's Rants said...

I totally agree with Lilly...they are beautiful...I am missing my kids right now...which is silly beause they are usually right here...but they are not my little ones anymore!
I also agree Leon/George make a great assistant!

wy-not said...

Whaaat? But Grandpa and I weren't there. How can there be a Christmas concert without Grandma and Grandpa? I love the pics, but am overcome with sorrow that we missed this. :-(

Rhonda said...

Have I ever mentioned that I am a terrible daughter/mother who doesn't tell the grandparents when the Christmas concerts are???

wy-not said...

Yeah, but you do let us know the soccer schedule. Have I mentioned that I am not a soccer fan? Big fan of you and the kids, not a fan of watching soccer. Fun to play. Not so much to watch. Next Christmas concert, I wanna be there. :-)

Betty said...

Lovely girls! I am away at the moment so I can´t really comment. Will explain in a post later this week!