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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ronda's Bloggy Book Club - The Shack!

If you have not yet read The Shack, you may not want to read today's post!

We are talking today about "The Shack". If you want to join in, head on over to Ronda's Rants and leave a comment leading her to your post! It should be a fabulous book club day today!!

I have been so anxious to talk about this book! And now the day has come and I could not be LESS prepared! Oi!

I loved the book. Loved it.

However, I didn't always love it.

The beginning was a heart breaker. Absolute heart breaker. It is every parent's nightmare, and was very hard to read.

I had a problem with him getting a note from God. A real honest to goodness note, in his hand. That was weird for this literal person who struggles already with "faith".

And then when God showed up as a big ol' Jamaican woman who loves to cook, well, then it seriously lost me for a little while.

I did get back into it in bits and pieces through the next little bit. Like every time he got really angry over his daughter, and "Where were you then??" I got that part. In spades. I wanted to know the very same thing!

But when he went into the cave and met Sophia (sorry, I read the book a little while ago and don't remember names) that really shook me. It put things into a whole other perspective. I am thankful for that view on the situation, and if I keep nothing else in my little brain when it comes to that story, I do want that to stay in my subconscious somewhere, to be brought out whenever I need it!

I loved that he got to see her again, if only briefly. And that the other kids got to also. Those pages were left pretty soaked with tears!!!

And I loved that he got to bring her wee little self home.

Thanks Ronda, for letting me share my opinion on this book. I am definitely passing it on to at least a couple of people who have asked to read it. And I look forward to hearing their opinions!


Ronda's Rants said...

I love your post and I agree with you...I struggled with the first part as well! I have passed on the book you gave me and I went and bought two others and have given them away! I just can't wait to hear what pthers have to say!
BTW...thanks again for giving me the book...I loved it!

Anonymous said...

This book does leave us with more questions doesn't it. I will probably mull it over then read it again. Isn't it interesting that what we learned as children has such a profound effect on our matter what it is. I am grateful to Mr. Young for sharing this perspective. It is definitely food for thought!

Betty said...

I have seen many comments on blogs about this book and it really must be a very inspirational book. I have no where to buy it here, but will be trying to win it at Ronda´s.
Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

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