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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just A Random Thought

  1. Many of our geniuses suffered from mental illnesses.  Was this the case with the person who thought to eat whatever was inside the thing that came out of the chicken's ass?
Just curious.

Side note:
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!
Happy Birthday Tammy!!



Anita J. said...

What? You don't think Adam downed raw eggs in the garden, Rocky style? :O) Too funny. And I really like how you segued into the well wishing.

Veggie Mom said...

So, which came first--the chicken or the egg? Hope your celebrations are wonderful!

Ronda's Rants said...

Does an egg come out of a chicken's ass? I am not a farm girl but I think a turd come out of a chicken's that some fancy food that I have never had?
Hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday!

Rhonda said...

Okay, thanks for the correction! lol

I suppose I should have said the chicken's nether regions!! lol

Lauren said...


amelia bedelia said...


Happy annivsary and happy birthday!

Mamahut said...

That's too funny, I have often wondered about stuff like that. Can you imagine the first guy to eat a tomatoe? They were considered poisonous forever.

Emily said...

You are my kind of person!
I will be back!

wy-not said...

Thanks babe! It was a great day yesterday. Now the bird is in the oven, the roast beef is simmering in the slo-cooker and we're ready to let the good times roll. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhonda!! Hope to see you soon!!!