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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The ABC's that make me ME.

I got this idea from Jill, who got it from someone else, who got it from someone else.

I'm going to try my best to make it things that make me my happy contented self (gag, choke, giggle), but some of my inner negatives may slip in. But, like I titled it, it is just me, being me. 

  • A.  Asia. My beautiful eldest daughter. I think it's pretty cool of me that I've let her live this long, all things considered....
  • B.  Basking on the Beach in a Bikini - Back when I was Billions of pounds lighter. Well, I guess the "me" in that statement is more, being Bummed about not having the Body for the Beach in a Bikini.
  • C.  Candles.  I love candles. Vanilla is my favorite. And it gives Leon a headache. I still use vanilla candles, only now not so innocently, and actually enjoy them more, because then I know it will be Leon with a headache that night....
  • D.  Dogs. I love my dogs. Porky, the rotty, who is now in heaven (November 1. 2002) and Ringo, the 190 pound English Mastiff who thinks he is a lap dog. He leaves hair on everything and slobber on my walls, and my pants, and in Livvy's hair, because she is just the perfect height.
  • E.  Eh? Need I say more?
  • F.  Friends and Family.  They're a little weird, but overall Fun to be with. lol
  • G.  Grampa. It is almost a year since he passed away. But I'm still in denial.
  • H.  Happy. I'm usually a pretty happy person. It's come and gone over the years, but I'm slowing down and actually have started to find the Happy in me again. It's pretty cool.
  • I.  Ice.  I would chew on ice 24/7 if I could. I don't go to the hospital to welcome brand new babies into the world because I adore their snuggles and smells. I don't go out and find the perfect gift for said baby because I totally love to do it. I don't bring my kids because they are desperate to see the wee babe. Nope. I go for the ice chips. Knowing the new addition and bringing a gift gets my sorry self in the door, and the kids are sent for ice IMMEDIATELY, and it looks like I'm just having one because they're getting one anyway.... Does this make me a bad person? I don't care, really, I'm just curious....
  • J.  Jamaica. Oh. My. Stars. Now, I don't know this for sure, but I think that Jamaica would make me very happy! Oh, yes. Very happy indeed! Perhaps Leon should take me there....
  • K.  Kool-aid. The red kind. The kind that some parents won't let their kids have because it makes them wild. Mine are wild anyway, so what the heck, and it's nice to have an excuse other than "bad parenting" every now and then.
  • L.  Laughing. I laughed a lot this evening. I hit myself in the face with the raquetball today. Not once, but twice. The side of the head and the kisser. I laughed until I darned near peed my pants. Then we laughed through dinner. Laughed at Asia's horrified expression as I made a sex comment to her Dad right in front of her.  Me and Cassie laughed while I screwed up reading with her. We laughed when Leon made an ass out of me tonight. Laughing is good, people. It's bringing Happy back.
  • M.  Middle child. Cassie. My happy child. My loving child. The one who gets lost in between the drama queen and the monkey fart.
  • N.  Numb.  This is what I have felt for the past couple of years. Sad and pathetic, isn't it?
  • O.  Open. Yup. I'm an open book. Too bad Leon can't read.... lol  (Oh, I'm so going to be in trouble for that one!)
  • P.  Pee. Yes. You read that right. I can't jump on trampolines anymore. I can't cough or sneeze without being fully prepared in "the stance".  I'm no longer ashamed, for I know I'm not alone.... 
  • Q.  Quiet. I hate quiet. Nothing makes me wiggy like silence. I laughed through our wedding rehearsal. I get itchy during romantic dinners. I. Just. Can't. Do. It.
  • R.  Reading.  I love to read. Blogging has taken over much of that time, but I still love it!
  • S.  Singing and Soccer. I will belt it out all day long if I could!  I'm a transcriptionist, with the little headphones in, and I still have music playing!  These days I'm singing (if you can call it that) Mama Mia CONSTANTLY!! And I love playing soccer, watching soccer, whatever I can. People think it's terrible to have soccer six days a week between three people, but, for now anyway, I couldn't be happier about it!
  • T.  TV. Nothing quite beats CSI or Cold Case or Criminal Minds!  I will even watch them over blogging!!! Yup. You read that right!
  • U. Unsure. I'm not a very confident person. I second guess myself all the time and would sooner hide than go and talk to someone that I haven't seen in a while. They probably wouldn't remember me. Or they'll just walk away talking about how much weight I've gained. Or that my personality is a dull as drying paint. That would suck, so I choose avoidance where I can.
  • V.  Vasectomy. I think that someone in my house should have this fine procedure done. There are five of us. Four of us are girls. So, by process of elimination.....
  • W. Weight. My weight picks at me. It bugs me. It depresses me. Yet, apart from being active where I can, I don't seem to have the gumption to do anything about it. Note to self, and to Leon, love me anyway. For me to be skinny I'd have to live on celery and tuna, and I'd be miserable. I might as well be miserable and enjoy what I eat! 
  • X.  Xylophone.  When I was in elementary, I kicked butt at those percussion style instruments!  And I loved to play them!
  • Y. Young'un.  My youngest daughter. Oh, so sweet and happy all the time ... except when she's not. She's my nutball monkey fart.
  • Z.  Zilch. I got nuthing for Z.
Well, trust me, that was way harder that it looked!!! Wow!  Give it a go sometime! 


Lilly said...

That was amazing - hard to do in many ways. I think its great you have such a great sense of humor. I really like Asia's name too - very cool indeed. As for the bikini bod - mmm know what you mean. They are overrated and it requires starvation. Not good! Have a great week and maybe if I am game I will try this too - I think it looks like fun.

careysue said...

Rhonda I am IMPRESSED--A. you came up with every letter of the alphabet and B. I am so much like you especially the one where you second guess yourself!!

Seriously, I really do, and I wasn't for a while there...I think reading everybody else's blogs and seeing how funny they are makes me nervous. Not that I'm competing just, I think I sound stupid or something.

boy, I sound like a teenager and believe me I'm not. I'm rambling and I'm not even going to erase this comment!!!

You're awesome and I think you'd be my friend if we lived closer or something like that!!!

Mamahut said...

Your so cute my dear, we could be twins...especially after I read "P" hahahaha

Ronda's Rants said...

I honestly don't know if I could do this exercise or any other kind of exercise for that matter! I think you are great for A-Z

wy-not said...

Z. Ze husband. He's pretty great too. V. Vasectomy? I think Ringo is just fine the way he is. L. I loved this blog! Nice work.

Claremont First Ward said...

Absolutely ADORED reading this post. So much too it....and made me laugh A LOT. :)

Betty said...

I loved, loved, loved this post! I find so many things that I can connect with you. It always amazes me to find people who are so like me. Why can´t I find them here?
I - for ice chips! I love those too and even went so far as making my own, just so I could chew on ice. But I realized how pathetic it looked and it totally bugged my husband, so I stopped. But I still love ICE!

Blog Stalker said...

I will totally take your challenge you left me on my blog

Look for it.

Great job

Have a great day!