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Monday, August 25, 2008

I Don't Think That I Should Tell My Mom.....

You see, our boat has been costing us a fortune in gas, hauling, and entertaining.  

The first misconception people have about our ski boat is that it is free to run.

The second misconception is that we bought it for them. Their entertainment.

The third is that this boat is their way to a nice child free afternoon while we haul around everyone's kids, both on and behind the boat.

The fourth, I may have already mentioned but it's worthy of another shout out, is that it is free.


With gas prices sky rocketing like they are, I have been asking Leon to leave the boat at home while he goes to the lake.  I think I remember saying something along the lines of this:

"If you can grow a spine and tell people NO when they ask to be entertained, well then by all means take it.  If not, then don't."  

To me, it's just that simple.  

Our boat, with a good day's use, costs us around $150 plus oil, hauling, insurance, ETC, daily.  This is not cheap.  In fact, it makes me downright cranky to even think about it.  

Leon would tell you that I'm cranky (although his word would be a LITTLE BIT HARSHER) anyway, so what's new? 

And I think he's a bit of a shit, so we're even.

No worries.  He was a shit when we met and I married him anyway, so, no, there's no trouble in paradise.  We just are the way we are.

I digress....

Sooooo, Leon took the boat today over to the place where we bought it and traded it in.  He was sick of me wanting to leave the boat at home, because then, what's the point in having it?  

I suggested a sea-doo.  

That way, when we are expected to entertain the general population, it won't cost us as much.  

I know.  I'm a genius.  (I feel like I say this a lot to you people.  I'm really sorry about that. Once you start to believe it, let me know, and I'll lighten up a little bit.)

We now have a Sea-Doo, albeit a used and abused one, sitting in our garage.  

This is where I cringe .... He also got a quad.  Just one for now, but you know that's gonna change.  I'm not quite as needy as my man is when it comes to toys, so mine will come later.  

I'm totally cool with that.

So now I get to tell my mom about a wild and crazy new motorized water toy .... AND a new motorized land toy.

She is going to freak!

I probably shouldn't go into the injury and death stats that these machines are known for when I tell her, should I?

Oh, wait .... She reads my blog.

Hi Mom!

*** Oh, and a side note.  I pre-posted this one, so by the time you read it we will have had it out to the lake.  It. Doesn't. Work.

And it's goin' back for repairs and/or a different trade.  Me. A girl.  Going to do business in this crazy man's world of toys.
Wish me luck.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our weekend!


Leon & Asia


Betty said...

It sure looks like fun, and like the kids love it!
Hope you enjoy it even though it does "cost" you some nerves.... They grow back in the winter time. LOL

Ronda's Rants said...

That looks like fun though...and such a beautiful lake. I reeeealllyyy wish I had been with your family over the weekend instead of my own. Dear God..

wy-not said...

This is your mother speaking. Know this. I have already read the death and injury stats from these death machines. I know the danger that you and my precious grandchildren now face. Thus, you have added a whole new shrieking dimension to my nightly prayers. Life is already fraught with dangers. Now there are more. I will pray for your safety. Now, excuse me while I go cry into my pillow. (And I am at the office posting this, so will get some very strange looks...)

Mamahut said... Not the 4 wheeler, but the seadoo...I want one!

Everyone in my family has a 4 wheeler. As long as they wear helmets...I say that with a lot of hope in my voice...they will be fine. One tiny piece of advise, when you do get your four wheeler, make sure you ride out in front. If you don't you will have a dust mustach (sp?), your kids will take your picture and make fun of you forever.

Shan said...

FUN! We have the desert toys, quads and motorcycles and a golf cart (helmets are a must but also boots and chest protectors are important)
BUT I prefer the water and am trying to get Hubs to get rid of the desert stuff for Sea Doos!

angie said...

I'm glad he didn't come home with a BIGGER boat! I can so understand your gripe with the boat.....:) And I LOVED how you set this post up to your mom.

amelia bedelia said...

You are right about the cost of gas but its soooo fun!!! Great pics!!

Rhonda said...

between you and your Mum's post I had a good giggle...

be safe.
whatever happened to crochet on a summer day? ;)

Rhonda said...

oopsy I meant croquet...
but crocheting is pretty safe too.

The Nice One said...

Wow...looks so beautiful being on the lake! I miss the water!
Whew, not jealous of all the work and cash-ola involved!