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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back To School Shopping. Need I Say More?

If there is anything on this planet that could possibly make me want to take a header off the highest bridge, shopping would be it. Actually, I compare normal shopping to stubbing my toe or getting my eyebrows waxed. Shopping with kids makes me steer my car toward that previously mentioned bridge.

I'm an embarrassment to my gender. I know. And I apologize.

But I'm happy report, two kids down, one to go.

"No clothes to my name Cassie" came away with two shirts, three pants, undies and a cool vest/jacket.

"Woohoo! Look at me going off to Kindergarten Olivia" came away with about a million things. Her size is so cheap. I'm talking $3 shorts and shirts. And yes, Mom, she did get one outfit that I spent a whopping $25 on. Oh, and a hat! It looks so cute on her.

We got groceries galore, then I quite happily (NOT) spent 30 minutes in line to pay for my loot. As we got closer to the till, I sent Cassie back with our ice cream, because there is NO WAY I am buying ice cream from a store that can't hire more than one cashier. She came back with fresh, frozen ice cream that was WAY more expensive than the ones I sent her away with. I guess I didn't win that hand after all.

After the only cashier in the city FINALLY rang through all my stuff, I handed her my credit card, which thankfully had a rare but thankful negative balance on it. The rest I had no intention of paying for now. She tells me that it is an invalid card. Invalid? INVALID??? My ass it's invalid! Either it wouldn't swipe properly, or she's just a moron.

So, crap. There I am, trying to figure out how I am going to manage, gracefully, guessing which account to use with my debit card, while all 117 people behind me in line looked on. I don't think they noticed the look of horror or embarrassment. I swiped my card and pushed buttons, then nonchalantly put that card back in my wallet, so that I could feign surprise, just in case I picked the wrong account. Wrong account! Hahaha. Like there could BE a right one!

Now we're in the red. And payday is next week. Shit.

So I'm home from Walmart, in not even close to the mood I left home with, $400 poorer. Some may be thinking 'Wow! She's fabulous! Back to school clothes for two, PLUS groceries and shampoo for $400!'

While I know deep down that I must truly be awesome, I just can't seem to celebrate it, because, I repeat:

We're in the red. And payday is next week.



Ronda's Rants said...

I do so remember those days...I love to shop and all but one of my kids liked school shopping but I felt like it was always stressful because our "needs" at that time always maxed out our finances!

Ronda's Rants said...

BTW me your address...You are a winner!

wy-not said...

Umm. Did you make the call to activate that new card? Of course you did. I'm just thinking maybe the nut fell closer to the tree than she realizes :-) keep smiling. It makes the world wonder what you're up to.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I hate debt.

Reminds me of my Saturday. My phone card was declared invalid for no reason so now I have to call the phone company to figure out what's going on. what a pain. I hate sitting on hold.

Rhonda said...

Yes, mother, I activated my card. lol I have used it with no problems, paid it with no problems, nothing is overdue and so I know it's still good. The way she swiped it about 10 times so quickly, I know that there she was not being told it was invalid. You have to try to put it through for that to happen.
But still, the nut did not fall very far indeed.

Mamahut said...

I am sooo with you and I have boy's!! They don't want to shop. Somebody needs to come up with a business that will take our children to the mall or walmart. Said business will not bring them home until they are ready for school, right down to the tissues for the teacher.

Hang in there!

KatBouska said...

YUCK!!!! I hate money problems!! I hope you magically win the lottery OR that next week comes sooner than later!! Hang in there!!

Betty said...

Hi, I found you through BATHW and love your post. Although I do love shopping, I can so understand the stress of shopping with girl teenagers! Mine have left their "nest" already, but I still have nightmares about that!
Will be checking back again, for sure!

careysue said...

I want to tell you that you're not alone...I hate shopping!! Especially when I take all six with me and everyone's asking me questions, I'd rather stick an ice pick in my eye!!

Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog, and one more thing we're going to Canada for vacation!! We go their every year!

Thanks again!

Melissa Lee said...


I soooooo am not supposed to be laughing at your tragic existance, but I did. And I cannot apologize for it.

I needed it. Greatly. And I thank you.

:), Melissa at Stretch Marks

Momma said...

Oh boy, BTDT.