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Saturday, July 26, 2008

It was an eventful day....

Okay, so. The day started out fairly normal. Loud neighbours. They swear at each other. Loudly. It should be comforting knowing that all is still normal in my life. However, add to that the Indy 500 or 5000 or friggin 7, I don't know, and you have FREAKIN LOUD!!! The race is quite a ways away from my house, but still... their warm up at 7:00 woke me from my slumber. It's just wrong. And a little ignorant.

We start by going to Home Depot for Leon. We are shingling our roof and I was sent out for stuff. Men who send women out for house stuff and car parts should be shot. Seriously. I want to send him out to face the tampon isle all by himself just for payback. (Let's watch his face turn red when the sales girl asks HIM for the diameter!)

After that I take my two girls for a drive. I wanted to see if our local waterslides were open, but I didn't want to tell them where we were going, just in case. I haven't been there myself since I was a kid. Turns out it was $70 for a family of four. (And the same price for the three of us.) The kids are freaking out because they were so delighted and totally excited when they saw the waterslides, and now their mother wanted to pull the water slides from their little grasp. I don't do this often people, but I caved. I felt sick about it, but in we went anyway.

Livvy (see Friday's picture) runs to the first slide, and we're both thinking it was a kid slide. Wrong. I'm walking toward the pool as she is flying down this little slide because I'm just not sure where the bottom is and I wanted to be ready. (Keep in mind I'm still about 30+ feet away!) Hmmm, she can't touch. The loser at the top of the slide didn't stop her from going down. He's sitting at the top of the slide watching as she gasps for breath, arms flailing. He sits. Have I called him a loser yet? I jumped in and saved the little nutball myself. That set the stage for the afternoon. She is now terrified and doesn't want to go on anything. Hmmmm, $70 worth of wading pool.

Now a lifeguard finds me in the above mentioned wading pool with Liv and has my other daughter in tow. Cassie has a huge hunk of wood jammed underneath her thumb nail almost to her cuticle that can't be reached with tweezers. Great. They tell me to head down the road to the Medi-centre. Not gonna happen. They told me they would give me a family pass that we can use another day if we choose to leave.

They didn't need to tell me twice. We were so outa' there! Two screaming kids in tow (actually one was literally under my arm) and off we went. With TWO free family passes. I'm just that good! lol

We spent an hour and a half at my old clinic (it's just so handy!) and the doctor managed to wiggle the enchanted forest out from her nail. My fabulous ex-co-workers were kind enough to babysit Liv so I could go in with Cassie. We came out to see her pretty much covered in stickers and candy. Jane had run to the store to grab popsicles for the girls and a slush for me (See the about me section). I totally love those gals. They are THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Then back to Home Depot again to rent the nail gun, compressor, get nails, vents etc that I priced out earlier. Home, unload, shower, throw my hair back and run off to my soccer game. We won 3-1!!! Woohooo! Then home to help shingle. It's now almost one in the morning.

I'm tired folks. I'm REALLY tired!

And yet I'm so dedicated to y'all that I have taken the time to tell you about my day. Don't I just amaze and inspire you to no end? lol


Ronda's Rants said...

I own a construction husband doesn't send me anymore for materials and I don't make him collect money...frankly, I think I would rather go pick-up materials again! Oh well, rest up!

angie said...

So amazed and inspired.

I just woke up yet I'm tired thinking of your day! :)

Is energy your superpower? :)

wy-not said...

Hahahaha. Sounds like a right awful day, except for that soccer win. And yet I am laughing. Particularly at the image of His Royal Highness (high, being, as in, on the roof!) perusing the tampon aisle. Now that's just plain funny. But I am glad the nutball and her big sister are well. And that the characters at your old clinic are maintaining their fabulous-ness.

Evi said...

I SO would have had passive aggressive words for that slide attendant...numb skull!