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Monday, July 21, 2008

Announcing ... for Best Musical!

Melissa Lee, come on over and accept your award! You are winning the award for the art of song! I haven't actually heard you sing, but I do honestly believe in my heart of hearts that you can sing. Lordy, girl, can you sing!!

I feel you are one of those people who can have you weeping through a ballad one minute and jumping up and down in the aisles the next. You would seriously FEEL the music and make ME feel it too! I have always loved music myself, but, alas, no one wants to sign me for a recording contract. In fact, while my kids insist I just must try out for the next Canadian Idol, I know they jest, but it's because they love me.

Melissa, by the way, is expecting. She is expecting coupons, and chicken, and maybe some Julio's. She is also expecting. Expecting! Isn't that exciting?? When you stop on over there (I know initially you came from there, anyway, but just humour me here, okay?) let her know that you are thinking of her and praying for her, and if you so choose, that you are sending something to her. Just pray for the magazine. If you don't know what I'm talking about, well then read this.

If you need a good laugh, I highly recommend you check out her jaunt through the funhouse. That is the post that got me hooked ... and almost fired. I absolutely could not hold back my laughter!

Now, Melissa, the award is in your hands. If you so choose you may pass it on to five other deserving recipients. Stop by and direct Melissa to your very best musings, photos, music, art, whatever. Oh, and DEFINITELY scrapbooks. She just LOVES scrapbooks! lol

To recap - Heather won yesterday for best mini-series!


wy-not said...

Oh so good. And so deserving. You could award Melissa Lee for … just for being Melissa Lee … and I would salute you. Oh yeah! Nice work. I wish I had a blog so I could win too.

Kerith Collins said...

thanks for coming by...and yea...we have twins

Heather said...

She's such a funny lady and I couldn't be happier for her and the AG.

KWolfAK said...

I love Melissa. She's great fun!

Melissa Lee said...

WHAT THE ...............

This reminds me of Steel Magnolia's when Truvy (aka Dolly) looked up and screamed, "SPUD, I'M A CHAINNNNNN!"

I mean for crying out loud I got my own day! You can't be that with a stick.

And best musical? Well, what can I say but...I can sing...girl, you should hear me!

Thank you so much Miss Rhonda. I really do facny you thinking of me like this. Now I don't plan on handing it out becasue, well, let's be honest, besides you and I, what else is out there that deserves bein' recognized??

Just kidding. Ya'll hush.

I do love you and thank you for thinking of me. Now I gotta do somethin' nice for you. Crap.

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Melissa Lee said...

Oh crud.

It's supposed to say, "You can't BEAT that with a stick."

I hate it when I'm trying to be sassy and it backfires.

Lula! said...

I was hoping this might con Melissa into finally posting a video of her fabulous singing abilities...then I read her comment and realized you are getting NOWHERE. Just. Like. Me.

We'll keep on trying, though...

angela | the painted house said...

Melissa is a hoot! I would LOVE to hear her sing! L-O-V-E it!