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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well, How 'bout that?

Hey all. I got a new (another?) job today. They are starting me (and 'looking forward to it') on Thursday. I have signed in for 18 shifts until and including the first weekend in March. I'm hoping I can train sooner and scrap that March weekend, but who knows. She said there is a lot to this job. I'll make that my challenge! To surprise them! Wouldn't that be cool? I am keeping my job at the clinic also, but Dr. Loewen told me that he supports whatever I need to do to stay happy, even if that means going elsewhere. How about that for a cool employer? When I told him I got the job (thanks to his glowing reference) he stood up and said congratulations and shook my hand! I definitely have great employers, even if they don't pay a whole lot. Who knows? After working elsewhere for a little while, maybe I'll find that is more important than a better wage. (Although they tell me that the training and tech support I will be doing at Capilano will be a higher paying position....and I am looking forward to THAT challenge!)
Anywhooooooo .. if I disappear off the radar for a couple months, it is because I am so busy that my telephone and computer have gotten lost in my messy house!

Oh yeah, I started adult swimming lessons at the 'Y' on Monday night. It was actually fun. :-)

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