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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


great mom

wednsday July 16th 2006
12 and a half years ago i was born into a wonderful i just wanted to tell you how great of a mother you are and if i had to pick another mom i wouldn't do it. Mom sometimes we fight and don't like that but together we can change that.I will work on my adittude and you can work on how tough you are on me, and you tone of voice.If we we have a problem me and you will sit down and talk about it anyways that's not what i wanted to tell you.I just wanted to tell you how great of a mother you are,and how much i love you.Sorry i never say,so i'm saying right now,I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.And i am so glad God brought me into your life.I can tell you this much i can't be more happy to in your life today.(i have no clue if this note thingy makes any sense so if it doesn't i will ake a fool out of myself.



Anonymous said...

Aaaah Asia! That's an awesome thing to say to your mother. Your Mom is a very lucky lady to have a daughter like you. And you know, the rest of your family is pretty darned lucky, too! We love you more than all the grains of sand on all the beaches in all the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda. That is quite a complement your daughter gave you.That is as close to a perfect score as anybody could ever expect. Congratulations on getting Honours!!! It sometimes takes a little one to make me realize that I too should let you know what a wonderfull daughter you are and that I love you very much also. Have a great day. Love Dad.